Really Random Thursday!

This week, I again have more random than sewing :(
More bees than Bee blocks…

And, for some reason, most of the sunflowers are turning their backs on us this year.

And whenever I’ve been home lately I’ve been picking and stewing plums and making jam.

And picking, cutting and freezing beans.

The pumpkins are doing nicely.

The sweetcorn are growing their bizarre silky wigs.

And the courgettes are growing into marrows faster than I can keep up with up. All in all it’s a good year in the garden. I’m also harvesting carrots, cabbages, beetroot, onions and garlic and the apples, parsnips, winter greens and leeks are coming along well.
My sewing isn’t going so well and I’m very behind on replying to emails and blog reading but, unfortunately, you can’t eat quilts!
The wadding has arrived and the unicorns are ready to be turned into a flimsy but I’ve been umming and aaaring about how to quilt this. I’d like to shadow quilt the border strips with straight lines so I’m thinking it would save a LOT of sewing in of ends if I quilted this in sections and joined the pieces afterwards.
I’ve never done QAYG before so any tips or tricks would be welcome!
I’m off for another twelve hour shift, now (60 hours in a week :( – no wonder I’m not getting much else done!) but then I’ve got a week off so I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone’s sewing later :)
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

11 thoughts on “Really Random Thursday!

  1. Nicky

    Love those silky tassels though they remind me of cousin Itt from the Adams family!

    I've done some QAYG so ask away and if I know the answer I will know how!


  2. Anna

    Your garden looks lovely! I would really love to get into gardening. I picked up a book on growing fruits and veggies in the desert, so we'll see!

    60 hours sounds rough :/ I've had stressful work time lately, too, with people leaving the week before school starts (big deal at an academic library serving a student population of 40k!). But we can do it! Hope your vacation is wonderful and relaxing :)


  3. Scrapatches

    Your garden is beautiful and bountiful! Your quilting will be waiting while you play in the sun.

    I have only done one QAYG. I did block by block, but the method would work for strips, too, as I sewed the blocks into rows and then the rows together. I cut the batting (wadding) a little wider than my blocks and trimmed evenly to size afterward. I used narrow sashing to do the joining of the quilted blocks on the front. On the back I machine sewed folded strips (as for a flange) to one block matching the cut edges and then turned the folded edge over and hand stitched it to the next block or row. It worked quite well for me and I was a beginner at the time. Not sure why I never did it again. Hope this helps … :) Pat


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