What I did on the weekend!

This weekend I was hoping to do something with this…

Or make some more of these…

Or these…

Or, at very least, get a bit more of this finished.

I actually ended up not doing any of the above – but I did make a shop. For as long as I can remember (long before I had a computer) I’ve thought about having a stall at craft markets, if not an actual shop, but I never managed to build up enough stock to get started. And when I discovered online shops I continued with the idea that I didn’t really want to start one with only a few items. Now, though, I’m coming round to the idea that if I start a shop I’ll find it easier to justify the time and expense of sewing. The whole process turned out to be a bit more time consuming than I expected but now it’s up and running and I can improve and adjust the details over time. So far I’ve only listed a couple of things but I’ve got half a dozen or so more that just need good photos and although that’s only a small beginning at least it’s a start!
Do you have a shop on etsy or folksy or elsewhere?
Do you have any hints and tips?
Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

15 thoughts on “What I did on the weekend!

  1. Kelly Young

    hooray for you on opening a shop! I've been wanting to open an etsy shop, but every time I make a quilt, I've posted it for sale on facebook and it has sold within a day, so I haven't been able to build up enough to sell in one either. Plus, since I pretty much make quilts only, I'm not able to make a bunch of things quickly. Best of luck to you!!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


  2. Issabella The Cat

    Congratulations! I've added you to my faves so hopefully some more peeps will see you :) As for hints and tips have a look through Etsy's forums and sellers hand book-both resources are very helpful!


  3. Joanie's Trendy Quilts

    Congratulations on opening up a shop! I am in the process too so when I read your message I could say, Oh yeah, I know what she means! If you went to my shop all you will see is a picture of a basket filled with Raggedy Ann and Andy doll legs. :) I have been working hard to create the products. I think I am working 16 hour days between quilting, making product and doing my accounting business. Anyways, I am happy you finally got it done! You have some pretty things in your shop by the way!


  4. Emily's Mum

    Congratulations! Great job and my goodness doesn't it take a while to get organised. The key is def the pictures. Emily is a great advocate of Etsy and has been at me for months but I can't get myself in gear so well done you.


  5. Soma Acharya

    Congratulations! I am so glad you created an Etsy shop. In my humble opinion, you did the right thing. That's the beauty of an online shop, a few beautiful, quality products like yours are a very good way to start. A shop even with a few items will motivate you to fill the shop with more items. Pictures are definitely very important as well as description. I faved yours so a few more will see you! Good luck!!



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