The Week

This time last week we were in Yorkshire. On Wednesday we went to Scarborough, known to the local students as Scarbados! I intended to share a random selection of photos on RTT but out internet wouldn’t connect so I thought I’d post some this week. We saw lots of seagulls nesting on the buildings and feeding their young.
And some very interesting passageways between the buildings…

This week’s most random picture is of Mr Sheep, who is looking very random indeed after meeting a new shearer.
Usually he’s very beautiful (or, after shearing, very bare) but I’m very happy to see him looking a bit odd. He is usually shorn at the end of April but our usual shearer has hurt his back and I’ve been in constant fear of fly strike every time it’s rained or been hot for the past few months. Apparently, we have a shortage of shearers, here, owing to changes in work permits which are putting off shearers from Australia and NewZealand, who have traditionally come over and done a lot of shearing in the UK.
(the hose pipe is really on the ground, although it looks a bit odd in the photo)
And, on a not random note..

My blog friend, Jules, from Juna Creations UK, very kindly sent some squares of ultrasuede to make some small hares or, as she suggested, a patchwork hare. I’ve not seen ultrasuede like this before and my photo really doesn’t convey how lovely it is. It’s very like suede but beautifully soft. I’m rather afraid to cut into it but if I can manage it I think a patchwork hare or hares made of this will be wonderful.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to have a Friday Finish to share and after that I’m going to try working with these gorgeous fabrics.

Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

10 thoughts on “The Week

  1. Susan Owenby

    ooohhh ultra suede, niiccee! Looks like an awesome vacation. I really need to get to other parts of the world. Even the oldest stuff in the US doesnt have nearly as much character and other places in the world. :)


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