Design Wall Weekend!

If you’ve been following my blog lately, you might not be surprised to see my design-wall-piano is still going with the Bee theme.

Today I finished the mug block, above for Sana in the Star of Africa Bee. She is making a wall hanging with the theme ‘Home is where the heart is’. I made a cup because a cup of tea always makes me feel at home. If you’re English, you’ll understand – if not you probably think our tea is undrinkable and we shall have to agree to disagree! The mug is on the grass because we sell the eggs from our ducks and chicken on the verge outside our house and we actually leave a mug there for people to pay whatever they choose (the mug and eggs are in an old rabbit hutch so they don’t get rained on but the hutch isn’t on the block). We always receive a very fair price and one of the reasons I love my home here is that I know in many places the eggs would just be stolen :)

Just off the design wall is this oak tree block for Brinda, who wanted a tree from our country – now parcelled up and waiting to go to India…

And newly started is this block for Cindy, who wants a white background with something that represents where we live in bright crayon colours. This is a pond as our house is called Pond House – fish to follow.
Then there is amazing top of Jan’s, which arrived today, The strips of fabric on the right are the most coordinating I’ve found so far and I’ve hung it up in the hope of suddenly having an idea about to add. Suggestions welcome.


And finally, I thought I’d lay out the bee blocks I’ve received so far to get an idea of what my quilt will like but that will need a post of it’s own when the others arrive!

What is on your design wall this weekend?

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


10 thoughts on “Design Wall Weekend!

  1. Susan Owenby

    I've been feeling fish lately too. I'm not acting on it yet because I have so many other projects ahead of it, but might in the future! I like your mug block and love the honesty of your neighbors. What a cool place to live!


  2. Soma Acharya

    The oak tree is so beautiful and what a great idea about the pond and the fish. I love seeing your bee blocks.

    You live in such a wonderful place, Janine! I love reading about it. I had already fallen in love with the mug block and now that I know the background I love it even more. Cup of tea makes me feel at home too :)



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