Really Random Thursday!

I’ve just realised it’s Thursday and I’d nearly forgotten about randomness!
So two random things this week…
1. I’ve been meaning to ask someone/everyone about this email from blogger…
Is this a good idea or is this how people inadvertently become noreplybloggers?
2. I had a quick look through my photos to see if I could find anything interesting and I came across these pictures that I took at our local agricultural show last year…
There was basically a chap who came along with a truckfull of sheep. Each sheep different. The chap was actually very entertaining and spoke about each sheep and the origin of its breed and the role it had played in farming etc.

And the sheep came on, one by one, and stood on the step with their name on it. And each sheep had its own music and did a dance when its music was played.

And then he sheared one in about ten seconds flat! I just googled it because I’d forgotten his name. And  I found a website here where you can see a short video and find out more about The Sheep Show.

I never did get round to blogging about it at the time because it seemed so random…
Do you have randomness to share?

See you at:

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

6 thoughts on “Really Random Thursday!

  1. Celtic Thistle

    Have avoided Google + in case I end up as a no-replyer so can't help you there Janine.

    Love the whole idea of the sheep show, sounds like a candidate for Britain's Got Talent!


  2. Susan Owenby

    Switching to google+ does not make you a no reply blogger. I have done so and still receive replies. :) I have not enabled the feature they emailed you about, but I don't see where it could hurt. Seems like it could generate some google+ traffic.

    Around here, it is all about the cow. They usually do cow shows at the fairgrounds and I find it pretty fun! I really enjoy the kids that bring their cows to show. So cute!


  3. Molli Sparkles

    When I signed up to Google+ it flipped me to No-Reply Blogggerdom and there was no way I could get it back until I decommissioned my Google+ account. I was rather bummed about it too. Would be happy to go back, but I'd want to know any problem was fixed.


  4. Teje Karjalainen

    Great photos and a good question! I was 'a little bit' no-reply and then changed to G+ and now I'm very much no-reply except wordpress blogs as I have. Why these things has to be so complicated?! x Teje


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