Really Random Friday.

This week I had big sewing plans. And, as it turned out, the world had other plans but I’ve been trying to have at least one Friday Finish every week this year so I made this little pin cushion. I always think you can’t have enough pin cushions and a little finish is still a finish, right?

I have had another finish since last Friday, which was this quilt (blogged here), but as I finished and posted about it on Sunday it somehow feels like last week.

As I love words almost as much as sewing, and I’m linking up with Really Random Thursday, I thought I’d share some of my favourite words from pinterest (the randomness of the formatting is unintentional and seems to be the best I can do for now, btw. The pinterest embedding and blogger don’t seem to be getting along very well!)

This makes me smile…

Janine @ Rainbow Hare
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And because this is also my Friday Finish this week I’m linking up with TGIFF and crazy mom quilts too :)

15 thoughts on “Really Random Friday.

  1. Anna

    I realized I never commented on how AMAZING that little pin cushion is! I love elephants so much :) This makes me want to learn to cross stitch…


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