An unexpected quilt

As you can see from the photo below, it’s so dull and dark here even the birds don’t know what to make of it. About a thousand arrived yesterday, settled in the trees for a few minutes and flew away again.
So I felt we were much in need of some brightening up and, on a whim, I sewed together some squares from a Vintage Modern layer cake, with a couple of solids thrown in, to make a cover for a summer weight duvet that we occasionally use this year have been continually using as an extra cover when it gets really cold.
But once the fabrics were sewn together it seemed a shame not to be making a quilt of it so I added some buttons to make it a sort of tied quilt.
And not only was the whole thing really quick and easy to make, it has turned out to be much nicer and more cheerful in real life than it looks in the photos. I think if Spring isn’t planning on coming outside this year we’ll have to sew some sunshine indoors!
Happy St Patricks Day!
Janine@ Rainbow Hare

19 thoughts on “An unexpected quilt

  1. Nita

    I love using buttons to tie quilts. Do you put a button the back, too? It turns out really pretty that way, but kinda tough to manipulate the quilt while you're doing it. I only did it that way twice.


  2. Renee

    Beautiful colors together! We have had a lot of sunshine lately, which I am loving…but our relatively dry winter means a hot, dry summer full of fires! No me gusta.


  3. Britt G.

    First time visiting (from crazymomquilts Finish it Friday and plumeandjune Let's Get Acquainted) – I love, love Vintage Modern. It was the very first charm pack I ever bought. I also love that you made a “tied” quilt. I still have a baby quilt made for me when I was a baby that I used with my daughter that is tied. Tied quilts have such a homey feel. Also, really love your Rainbow Hare graphic – so cool! I definitely will be following to see what new projects you are working on.



    That's a lovely quilt. I loved seeing the pics of the birds, I spent a happy afternoon watching hundred and hundreds of starlings going here, there and everywhere. I saw them first in the next town and then got to watch them outside my flat – I do think they followed me home, but I won't say that as I think it makes me sound a little Alfred Hitchcock'ish :o)


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