the raining tree and a little ta-da

On Tuesday evening I went out to shut up our chicken and duck houses. The ground was frozen and we had several inches of snow lying. It was dark and snowing quite heavily and I could hear a bubbling, water-rushing sound like a mountain stream or waterfall. Although we have a large pond we have no running water outside and I’d never heard anything like this here before. Even stranger, the sound was coming from this oak tree. It was too dark to see but I walked over and could feel water was raining down from the tree and splashing on the ground below. I took this photo yesterday afternoon and the snow had melted down quite a lot everywhere by then but you can see the grass very distinctly under the tree canopy compared with the snow and ice around it.

Inside the sewing room – a little ta-da…

…not a big Taaaaaaa-Daaaaaa!!!! because it’s still needs trimming and binding but, with a good helping of moral support from the lovely blogger’s who commented on my WIP post yesterday, at one o’clock last night/this morning I finished the quilting on the Trade Winds quilt.
Now I’m wondering what colour for binding? What do you think would look best?

Apart from that I’ve been thinking about updating the look of my blog a bit and incorporating some of a blog I started before I began quilting and don’t manage to keep up with these days. It’s in a bit of a transitional phase at the moment…

What have you been thinking about this week?
Janine @ Rainbow Hare
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21 thoughts on “the raining tree and a little ta-da

  1. LynCC

    I love it :) A raining tree – must've had a lot of frost/ice to melt off of itself? Your quilt is fun! Do you have enough of the gray to do the binding? I think that would tied in wonderfully to the center after the outer colorful squares.


  2. Patti

    Love your raining tree Janine! How fabulous that you finished the quilt top! it looks fantastic. Any binding colour would look great. I'm always a fan of stripes, so I'd go with a grey and white stripe!


  3. Teje Karjalainen

    Hi Janine! Did you find out later what happend with the rain from the tree? Your quilt is so beautiful! I love the colours and what a great idea to mix pinwheels and border with squares! You could pick any colour from the quilt for the binding, but I think I would make it with the solid grey you have there. x Teje


  4. Jess

    Oh it's so pretty! I'd go with the royal blue (but really any of the colours in the top would work). Glad I'm not the only one who stays up ridiculously late finishing things :o)


  5. Kelli

    Love the tree! And the quilt is gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant with the gray. I think pink would make a good binding, or even a multi colored or scrappy binding. Looking forward to seeing it finished! :) xo


  6. Annabella

    How odd about the tree?? I just LOVE your trade winds quilt – just beautiful. I am totally useless with bindings as I tend to use the nearest thing I have but probably I would pick the colour I love best in the quilt top and use that – I know, not very quilty is it? :-)


  7. Soma Acharya

    That is a beautiful picture!! Your little ta-da is a big TA-DA in my book. How about a scrappy binding to show some of the colors from the quilt or a darker shade of the background color your used to frame everything in.


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