Mid-Winter Faery Song

Here is a Mid-Winter Faery. She is a song because she is made of words and music. Naturally, she is magical because ‘charm’ derives from the same source as carol and (archaically) means a song. The song is the song of the evergreens – the holly, the ivy and the fir, singing the sun back to us on the darkest day of the year. And she shall be first on the tree because always, since the beginning of the world, was midwinter – long before the first Christmas – and midwinter is still before Christmas today.
I never thought I’d make a doll that could this by herself!

As a break from making Christmas presents, I decided to attempt a cloth doll from a book called Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls by Jan Horrox, which I bought in the Summer after making this doll.

The midwinter faery was quite a challenge because her face is needle sculpted and she has pipe-cleaners in her fingers. She also has button joints and tied elbows and knees, which let her sit balanced in surprisingly life-like postions. At every step it all seemed to be going horribly wrong but, although I definitely need practice on hands and faces, I think she came together ok in the end.


Her skirt is a partial dresden made from ‘Musical Notes’ by Timeless Treasures and her legs and wings are ‘Mama said Sew’ fabric. Hopefully, because her words are all sewing words she’ll not only charm the sun back but bring me good luck with sewing next year!

And she is my Friday Finish this week!
Merry Mid-Winter and Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

23 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Faery Song

  1. Katie

    Janine!! I love her! I'm going to have to pick up the book you mentioned as dolls have been something I think about a lot. There is a publication I buy occasionally dedicated to art dolls. So far they just serves as inspiration.

    Are you working on any more? Hope your holidays were wonderful. :)


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