The trouble with quilts…

The trouble with quilts is that you can’t eat them…likewise cushions, wall hangings, bags…


So, apart from this bee block for Carla, which I made using Amy at Badskirt’s tutorial, every time I was home during daylight hours last week I ended up harvesting and freezing vegetables, making soups and stewing apples.

This week hasn’t been a lot better on the sewing front but I have a little Friday Finish – a pincushion made from an orphan pinwheel block!

I’ve also made some progress on a very quick project. I started this impulsively to see if my waste-not-want-not butterfly idea would work. The answer was yes and no. It did work but every outside edge of each block was on the bias so I think it’s only really suitable for smaller projects and I’ve had to change the name to ‘really biased butterflies’.

So now I need to decide if this is going to be a large cushion or a wall hanging. And that gets me back to wondering what to do with all these inedible quilts/cushions/wall hangings! I can’t go on forever making things I don’t really need just for fun. I can probably get away with giving home sewn Christmas gifts for one more year – but what then? Maybe an etsy shop?
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

14 thoughts on “The trouble with quilts…

  1. Rebecca Lynne

    Janine the really biased butterflies are gorgeous! And yes, open a shop! It is a low obligation and as long as you aren't expecting regular income you can have fun with it. I think it can be a disappointment for some if expecting to make a lot of $…but to supply your fabric habit sure why not!!!


  2. Issabella The Cat

    I'm making an x and + block quilt that I started last year, so had a little smile when I came across your block in my reader :) I also had too many quilts and not enough space or people to give them to so I opened my shop and now have a perfectly valid excuse to continue making quilts and buying fabric :D


  3. AlyceB

    I almost always make my HST's on the bias to get 4 from two sqaures. Other than a recent project which involves sewing them in a line for the bear claw block which has made them more squirmy than normal, I don't really have that much problem! And those butterflies look fabulous!


  4. Benta At SLIKstitches

    PS PS I've got to stop spending so much time on blogs, so as you have [Goggle Plus] there will be times when I hit that rather than actually comment.  The + will translate as ” I came, I read, I had to dash, but I did enjoy the visit”. I hope you're ok with this, and obviously understand when you do the same :-)


  5. Kristy @ Quiet Play

    The pincushion is a great idea for an orphan block! Loving the butterflies too.

    Gosh – isn't that the biggest quandary for a quilter? What to do with all the finished projects! So much inspiration, so many things we want to make, but there's only so many quilts/cushions/wallhangings we can actually use!


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