Glorious Colour!

This has been a week of glorious colour!

First I found out I had the won a fat quarter stack of eight Kona solids (Kona Basil, Teal, Turquoise, Peacock, Azure, Bahama blue, Lime and Jade) from the very lovely and talented Annabella at Life’s Rich Pattern. Annabella has the most wonderful taste in fabrics – so much so I have, on more than one occasion, seriously considered giving up choosing fabric and just copying her – and I am amazed and delighted to have won these.
Then, as if that wasn’t enough good fortune for one week, I received the loveliest mini-quilt. All of the BQS3 Swap quilts were fab and I’d have been more than happy with any of them but this one made by Di at Willowbeck Designs was my favourite. Di  must be either psychic or an excellent stalker!

She also included this gorgeous pouch with ‘rainbow hare’ embroidered on it. It is the first time ‘rainbow hare’ has taken the step from the blogosphere into the real world so that made it extra exciting.

As it was such a sunny day, I brought my last swap gift outside to join the photo-shoot. I received it last Christmas from Karen at Laughter in Quilts and blogged about it here but our Great British grey winter and energy saving light bulbs meant my photos really didn’t do it justice.

And, on the subject of Christmas, what have I been sewing this week?
White! This is a small Christmas gift bag made using only white fabric and there are some white hand stitched snowflakes but they don’t show up well in the photo. I made this for August’s Colour My World Challenge with M-R at Quilt Matters and I think it may have been the most challenging colour so far! I’ve also been making something else with a lot of white in it – but I’ll leave that for next time.

I wish you happy and colourful sewing :)

11 thoughts on “Glorious Colour!

  1. Celtic Thistle

    What a colourful post. Your swap package is lovely, how nice when someone gets your taste exactly right. Well done on meeting the challenge of the white too, this series is really bringing out the best in you.


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