TTT 10/11/11

I can’t believe another week has gone by and here we are at Thursday Think Tank again!
I’m starting with this star which I’ve just made following an excellent ‘Texas Star Quilt Block Tutorial’ at Blue Elephant Stitches I made it from scraps as a trial run but I think I could add a border and quilt it and turn it into a cushion cover – something to tick off on my Making Christmas List. The piecing isn’t great but I’m happy with it as a first attempt and I just love the design. Click here to see Jolene’s tutorial or here to see a fabulous quilt she made using this block. Now I’m  thinking of ways to use this block in a quilt…
Talking of quilts, I’ve just started a new one. I decided to sort out what blues I had and then see what I could do with them. I found I had five FQs and some stripes so I started by cutting them into 10″ squares.
By combining them with some off white, I found it ‘grew’ quite well but when I laid out my blocks, I thought the empty squares were too big to be solid off white.
So I experimented a bit (in paint) to see if adding triangles would help. I quite like the red design but…

I decided to go with HSTs instead. I like the movement of this pattern. Not having calculated for HSTs, though, I found I could only get enough by making some of the blue HSTs in two pieces and now I have none of the main colours left for the border so I think I’ll probably go for a plain navy…

Finally I wonder, what do you think of this fabric?
Don’t worry about being polite – I’ve always hated it! 
It’s a genuine 50’s print that my mum made into a skirt but never wore and she gave it to me years ago and I’ve never worn it either so it’s basically new fabric. I’ve been wondering about mixing it with some more greys and yellows in a kaleidoscope quilt. Do you think that might work or is always just going to look horrible?
I’m going to be away until Monday and I’m not sure whether I’ll have internet connection so, if not, I’ll catch up with what everyone’s been doing early next week.
Have a lovely weekend :)

10 thoughts on “TTT 10/11/11

  1. Katie

    Love this! Where to start?

    I have been stalled on a quilt design waiting until I found the right block. I think the Texas Star is going to be perfect. I just need to make a test block for it.

    I really like the red design too. The blue is nice as well.

    I actually like the floral fabric as it is.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Kelli

    Love the blues and your pattern! I think the HST's will make it look great!! The floral fabric might take on a totally different look if cut into smaller pieces. It does have that retro vibe going.


  3. Lucy @ Charm About You

    The Texas star looks great! Can't believe that was your pratice!! I love the mix of fabrics and it will make a lovely cushion. Look forward to seeing more of your blue quilt. Lastly, I would SO wear that as a skirt!! Love the vintage look and the colours are great. My heart is going a bit too fast at the thought of you cutting it up!


  4. Craft Couture by T.C.

    I love your Texas Star..very pretty with the stripes and flowers.
    What a great idea to use paint to draw the quilt patterns. I love both designs.
    The 50's print looks great..matching with greys and yellows will be just perfect. But will it depend on the quilt design too since the flowers look kind of big or do you plan to just use parts of the flowers?


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