Wool on Sundays – 180 (Sunshine and Hats)

Welcome to another Wool on Sundays :)

This week, I was in want of some knitting to do whilst Freya was napping and I discovered a new knitting technique – the latvian braid. Anxious to try it out straightaway, I found the August Hat pattern by Sarah Solomon – Into the Wool on Ravelry. You can learn how to knit the braid at Kelbourne Woolens. It is not hard to do but you do have to be careful to keep twisting the yarn in the right direction. I just added a narrow rib border to this hat.

When I finished, I wanted to try the hat again without the upper braid and with a less gathered top as I was playing yarn chicken with the blue wool so I adjusted the shaping of the top and added a little hanger, which I knitted until I had just enough wool left to sew in the end. These are night time pre-blocking photos and I think the hats look better on and in real life.

I especially like the yellow rib border on this hat. I think it really brightens it up.

Outside, it is very cold but things have also brightened up.

After last week’s dull photos…

…we are suddenly living in colour again.

It is a wonder what a difference some sunshine makes!

I wish you a wonderful week with sunshine and yarn or fabric or whatever you like to make thing with :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

6 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 180 (Sunshine and Hats)

  1. Kim Sharman

    Why, sunshine really does make all the difference. I know it is the panacea for a lot of my ills. =) You are surrounded by such natural beauty. The hat is gorgeous; and looks so very clever. Such a fabulous pattern. Just wow, Janine! Just a little aside….I don’t think I have seen Fiona and Poppy in the same photo. =)


  2. Andrée

    Hi Janine, what pretty hats! I take it you won the game of chicken 🐔 lol
    Sunshine adds so much life and colour, even when I have to get my garden furniture ready for winter. The soil is frozen so my daffodils will get planted indoors and hibernate in the garage. I’m a little behind this year! Take care.


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