Taking Time

When I was young and impatient and trying to accomplish something, the old people used to say ‘It takes as long as it takes.’ And I used to wish it would just hurry up and be done already.

Nothing has changed!

A photo of our beautiful sheep some other time – just because it’s a pity to have a post without at least one nice picture.

I feel I’ve spent quite a lot of time on making things this year but without ever having anything worth showing here. At last, though, (I hope) I have broken the back, so to speak, of the Lighthouse and a re-make of Granny Square’s caravan and my poor blog is long overdue a post.

I finally managed to sort out the lighthouse basement so that it can fit a bathroom, stairs, store cupboard and an impression of a further basement for water and oil tanks, which was a logistical nightmare! This really is the worst time of year for photos but here are some peeks.

And I decided to re-make Granny Square’s caravan. In this post “Really Random Thursday – the Blue Peter Edition” (shockingly long ago in 2014), you can see my first attempt at making a caravan for Granny Square. If I had realised how much would be involved in the re-make, I should have left well alone but it’s surprising how very confident you can feel about your practical abilities and crafting speed when new ideas come along…

So I binned the first one and, armed with a hat box, some sheets of plywood and copious amounts of paper, glue, card and paint, I set to work. And I have worked on it quite consistently but it seemed that for every half hour of actually doing something I had to leave a day for the glue to dry. After assembling and gluing the main structure (photos 1-3), it was very tenuously held together so I added several layers of papier mache. Then the finish was too uneven so I pasted sheets of water colour paper but they were too small and the joins showed too much so I finally invested in two large sheets of card before painting. It is not quite as even as I hoped but I don’t mind it looking a bit homespun so now I am going to move onto the finishing touches and I hope it will start to progress more quickly.

And I really hope it will be better than the old one so taking all this time has been worth it!

I hope you are keeping safe and well and taking time to do whatever you enjoy. Also that the lockdowns and grey days pass quickly…

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

3 thoughts on “Taking Time

  1. piecefulwendy

    I’m still learning the finer art of slowing done, but I’m much better at it than I used to be. The projects we work on become more meaningful when we invest time in them, I think. With my current improv project, I’m trying to pace it out a bit more and just let it spend time with me a bit, rather than finishing fast. It’s more challenging than I expected! Your two projects are moving forward and looking good!


  2. Kim Sharman

    Again, I think you are too hard on yourself, Janine. =) Your lighthouse and what you have done and will do to it sounds incredible. You certainly take the route of discovery and learning. I rather love Granny’s ‘old’ caravan, so I can only imagine how fabulous her new one will be. Sitting here in the sunshine with all the summery flowers smiling, I can only imagine how chilly it is over there. Take heart though, spring will knock at your front door, soon.


  3. Benta

    I’m exciting to see the new caravan but the lighthouse is the one that has really captured my heart! It gets better every time I see it!!!


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