Lighthouse in Progress (Part 2)

I see it has been over half a year since my Lighthouse in Progress Part 1 post – the one where I bought a kit and hoped to whip up a lighthouse in ten minutes flat…At the end of that post my lighthouse looked like this:

In my dreams this was going to be one of those tall, middle of the sea, red and white striped lighthouses but the kit this was meant to be a quite different sort of lighthouse with a ground level porch and an optional house adjoining the bottom floor (which I did not buy). It should, I assume, stand on a cliff top.

Not surprisingly, it really seemed too short to me. Scale for scale it is about the height of our house, which I know, from the battering we get on a lowish hill, would not fair well perched on a heap of rocks mid Atlantic…So I made another storey. Being a very beginner woodworker, I could not manage to keep with the slant of the walls so I used the bottom floor as a template and, with difficulty, I managed to cobble together a basement.

I then added the stairs inside – in the wrong places to accommodate the errors we made with wall placement (in Part 1) and I had to use a different door and remake the door frame to fit the space where the porch should have been. I also used some different windows (bought on ebay) because they were the right size and I I preferred the style.

Finally, it began to look more like I was hoping and I painted the inside and struggled to work out how to get steps to the door (remember the angles and my lack of woodwork proficiency) and I pondered and made other things and pondered and made other things…

Then I decided I really must press on and get this finished. I have yet to accomplish this but I managed to join on some steps that allow the door to open…

And, in the kitchen, I have added a ’tiled’ floor and boxed in the stairs to make a doorway to some (imaginary) stairs going down to the basement and a vertical wall so a dresser can fit in the room…

So there is still lots to do but it is coming along and I hope it won’t another half a year before part 3!

I hope you are keeping safe and well and finding some things to do that bring you happiness during these difficult times :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

6 thoughts on “Lighthouse in Progress (Part 2)

  1. Kim Sharman

    Oh, I don’t think your lighthouse is cobbled together at all. Why, it is fabulous. You can also add woodworker to your bag of skills, Janine. Love those blue stairs, the tiled floor, the adorable dresser…….the red and white paintwork on the exterior. It is all just so very clever!


  2. Robin RK

    I love lighthouses and I love your project. Looks like you’re making it into a “dollhouse”? I dragged my sons to lighthouses up and down the East coast. 1st son joined USCG. When he left for basic he said “At least now you can’t drag me to anymore lighthouses”. He was assigned to ATN. This Florida boy was sent to Cape Cod in a frozen winter to start his career taking care of the lighthouse + other navigational aids. I couldn’t stop laughing. He wasn’t laughing. He even had to hang in some devise to paint it. Drag 2-50lb batteries to the top. He let us know “they’re not so romantic when you had to do the work I did”. He retired at age 39. And started a new career. Sorry this is long but you must love lighthouses to have one in your home.


  3. benta hickley

    I’m in awe – it’s looking great! We have a windmill a few miles away,?(only about 2 miles away) that is similar inside. It was built about 20 years ago (as a home) abd used to be open once a year and we’d go and look around in exchange for a donation to MacMillan nurses


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