The Leap List (June/July 2020)

Thank goodness for hydrangeas!

They really are the least effort of everything in the garden and and from their fresh first blooms to their faded autumn glory the put on a spectacular show year after year.

I wish everything on my Leap List was so easily accomplished. So far as my JUNE LEAP LIST is concerned, I can tick off the garden items.


  1. Planting – Done
  2. Make wire covers for cabbages – Done – I had planned something more fancy and well constructed but this will do for this year!

Elsewhere more gardening, including making an Arbour with Mr RH, though it’s all a bit windswept and in need of tidying up today.

The making, I can’t tick off.


  1. Finish knitting the stripy thing – I have really lost interest in the stripy thing. One day, after the baby is born, I will pick it up and get it finished but for now I’m going to drop it from my list.
  2. Make a Lighthouse – I can’t tick this off yet as it has been more involved than I anticipated, as I mentioned here. But I am making progress.

So now for the JULY LEAP LIST.


Nothing specific – just keeping on keeping on…


  1. I will finish the lighthouse – not necessarily to the point of being completely furnished but so it is all joined together and painted inside and out.
  2. I will make my quarterly art quilt for The Endeavourers Challenge.


I will keep up better with blog visiting and replying to emails and, who knows, maybe even post here a couple of times as I’ve been quite bad at that this month.

I hope you are keeping safe and well and finding time to do whatever you enjoy :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

8 thoughts on “The Leap List (June/July 2020)

  1. Flashinscissors

    Your garden is looking wonderful Janine! I’m sure that takes a lot of looking after!
    I love that seating area, so pretty!
    The light house looks fabulous already! I don’t think I’d ever have thought of making a lighthouse!
    Off now to see what the next Endeavourers Challenge is.
    Barbara xx


  2. Kim Sharman

    Indeed, what’s not to love about the beautiful hydrangeas. It’s the middle of winter here and I am still enjoying the crinkly, dried beauty of these pretties from last summer. Your garden is a visual delight, Janine. How I would love to sit in that little garden folly of yours and drink in the beauty of your garden.


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