The Leap List (May/June 2020)

So the lockdown seems to go on forever, yet it’s the 29th – Leap List Day – again already!

My List for May was modest and was accomplished except for the cabbage covers (which the cabbages don’t need yet) and much gardening was done besides, including sorting out a box hedge and clearing a final batch of brambles so now there is path right around the pond again.


  1. Plant more seeds
  2. Put up beansticks
  3. Make wire covers for cabbages

My making was less successful. I did sew but my knitting is still in progress. Now one leg is done of the stripy thing…


  1. Knit something
  2. Sew Something

All in all, I’m fairly pleased with how much gardening got done but most of the making was very early on so for June I will try to redress that balance.

So now for the JUNE LEAP LIST.


  1. Planting
  2. Make wire covers for cabbages


  1. Finish knitting the stripy thing.
  2. Make a Lighthouse.

I hope you are keeping safe and well and finding time to do whatever you enjoy :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

8 thoughts on “The Leap List (May/June 2020)

  1. piecefulwendy

    Oh my, you have quite a few plants! I’m not much of a gardener, but I sure appreciate people who are. That stripey thing is sure cute, and I still like the use of knitting for the grass in your scene from a book quilt.


  2. Catherine

    So lovely to see your garden – I can now really imagine how much work is involved to make it so beautiful! I have had a good look in your greenhouse – your cosmos has been an awful lot more successful than mine – only three germinated and are sitting at about an inch and a half not getting any bigger. Has your box hedge survived without getting any blight so far? What a glorious pond – do you have frogs and newts? (Nosey gardener questions). That all looks like a very successful month’s work :-)


  3. Kim Sharman

    Oh my, so much to love in this post. Your beautiful English garden….just as I would picture an English to be. =) I see your sweet Poppy and as for those characters within the book… amazingly fabulous, Janine! Did my little beady espy some cosmos?? How wonderful your greenhouse is.


  4. soma @

    If I had a garden like that, you would never find me inside when the pollen count is low. Everything is looking so beautiful and green! I love the two little stories that you made last month. I am intrigued by the “Make a Lighthouse”. Can’t wait to see that.



  5. Jayne

    What a gorgeous garden! I love seeing all the photos. The stripy thing is looking like it is nearly done so look forward to seeing it next month.


  6. Andrée G Faubert

    Hi Janine, no wonder you don’t have time for anything indoors. What an amazing garden. I would love one of those, but it would have to come with the gardener :-) Good luck with all of your plans. Take care.


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