Wool on Sundays – 164 (A Little Ice Cream)

Welcome to the August edition of Wool on Sundays!

It has been very hot here, lately. Much too hot for knitting really but I did make a couple of small ice creams. I made them for my Endeavourers quilt but then decided it already had too much going on.

Should you happen to want to make some ice cream appliques, though, or join a few into an ice cream bunting they are made very simply and quickly as follows:

Cones – cast on 11st and work top down in garter stitch.

Row 1: knit to end

Row 2: knit to end

Row 3: k2tog, knit to last 2 st, k2tog

Repeat these three rows until 3st remain. Knit two more rows and k3tog. Fasten off by passing yarn through remaining st.

Ice Cream – Join yarn to first cast on stitch (top of cone). Insert crochet hook into this stitch and make a loop. Work 12 dtr (2 wraps round hook) into centre stitch (6th) of cone top, insert hook into last cast on stitch of cone top, pull though a loop and fasten off.

My garden, alas, continues to be an endless endeavour but the nights are slowly drawing in and surely we are due some rainy days soon, and I will be less a stranger to my Makery and blog. I wish you the happiest of weeks wherever you are : )

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

The next Wool on Sundays will be on Sunday 1st September 2019.

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