A Needle Cushion

A Needle Cushion

Always and forever, against all advice both off and online, I have kept my needles in my pincushions. I have made needle cases and been gifted needle cases and, really, I think needle cases are a great idea. From time to time, I’ve even resolved to use them. But always I revert back because it’s just so much quicker and easier to pop a needle into or pull a needle out of a pincushion. And, contrary to all the cautions I’ve heard, they don’t disappear or cause injury or who knows what else. Sometimes, though, they can be hard to see well amongst the pins so, I decided to make a shallow cushion especially for needles. I basically filled a tin lid with toy stuffing and covered it with fabric, as shown in the progress picture below.

I used a scrap of the curtain fabric left over from my Dottie Angel dress and the Makery chair.

And I still have a few scraps left…

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

5 thoughts on “A Needle Cushion

  1. Catherine

    Hi Janine, good use for your scraps. I find it much quicker to find the needle I want from a pincushion than a needlecase. I’m interested in the Dottie Angel pattern as it looks fairly simple and is a good shape. What make is it please?


  2. Carol DeLater

    You know, I have never made a pin cushion. I know I will, because I think cute little china containers turned into pin cushions is just the coolest thing ever. As it is now, I buy tomato cushions when I don’t know what else to use a 40% off coupon for.

    I have used covered buttons to make needle minders though. Love them.
    xx, Carol


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  4. Flashinscissors

    Nice way to keep your needles, Janine!
    Lovely to see your dress and chair again. The needle cushion stumped me at first, because it wasn’t blue but I can see it’s the flower pattern now. Sorry to be slow to spot that!
    I’ve always loved that Dottie Angel pattern …… I was so disappointed when she stopped blogging, it was round about the time I started blogging.
    Most of my needles are pushed into my travel sewing kit, so easy to find too!
    Barbara xx


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