Wool on Sundays – 145 (Home again)


Welcome to the September edition on Wool on Sundays! Last week we went on a short holiday in the North West of England, which should have given me some time to continue with a green cardigan I started a while ago.

But having done the fronts and back in one piece up to the arm level, I ended up deciding that knitting the sleeves from a the lace pattern chart and incorporating increases etc in the car or in odd moments in a room with poor light (why can’t hotels have brighter lights?) would probably end up with me making mistakes or, at best, not getting much done. Then I hummed and hawed about taking the crochet flowers or starting something new and eventually just took a book instead!


I didn’t take many photos as we were in the same area as last year and the weather wasn’t so good as last time. But it was a nice break and we found a lovely place called the Westminster Tea Rooms that we had seen but not visited before.

Now I’m home I’d better press on with the green cardigan and hopefully I’ll have it finished in time for next month’s Wool on Sundays. At the moment it looks like it has been screwed up and dragged through a hedge…


But I thinks that’s just what happens when something is crushed onto circular needles for too long. I’m using the same pattern as the blue pi shawl (where I only used the border) so I’m hoping that once its finished and has space to spread out it will be ok…


Whether I like it or not will be another question. One day in the Summer, I thought a khaki lace cardigan would be nice for Autumn but now I’m wondering what possessed me!

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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9 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 145 (Home again)

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  2. Carol

    Oh geez, I fully know what you mean about the shawl…but it is soooo pretty! I have a blog friend that crocheted a shawl and I wanted one too. I got it almost finished and I thought “I’ll never wear this” and put it aside. I’m pretty sure I’ll take it apart and make granny squares, or some other scrappy afghan. I always wanted to knit. I love the look so much more than crochet, but never had the patience to actually learn how to do more than knit and purl. I have taken a few classes, but they never get farther than knit and purl! There really aren’t any yarn shops near me. I suppose I could go to you tube. For now, I’m focused on fabric, for the little focus I have right now, lol.
    xx, Carol


  3. Sharmayne

    I’m sure once it’s finished you will be able to use it quite a bit, so keep going on it! I’m hoping I’ve linked up ok this time – 3 tries before it left my name rather than the post so we shall see lol


  4. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    I gave up on taking knitting with me because I continue to make mistakes or the stitches magically fall out of the needles in the bag. So I started taking a sketchbook and books like you did. Yes, why can’t hotels have brighter light?! Westminster Tea Rooms look gorgeous. Your description of your own knitting made me laugh out loud. Surely it’s not that bad! The design is gorgeous and I think you will like it once it’s finished :)



  5. Flashinscissors

    Your blue shawl is such a lovely blue. I’m sure the green one will grow on you, and you will feel different once you’ve finished!
    I must start knitting again ….. for the last two years I have thought to knit myself a quick waistcoat, now there are two waiting in the Dreaded Cupboard for me to finish …. one day!
    Barbara x


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