Happy March!


How was your February? When I changed Wool on Sundays to a monthly link up (the next one will be on Sunday 5th March), I had great plans about getting organised and doing all sorts of non-yarn projects. And I even got so far as assembling a collection of items to make a newly-organised-me notice board to keep me on track.


And I did get a dress made (blogged here)


But then I started knitting…

I began one item that I hope will be finished for a ta-da on Sunday.


And one that I think will take some time.


And I bought some wool in case I run out of knitting!


Perhaps March will be my month to get organised instead :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

7 thoughts on “Happy March!

  1. Sandra :)

    While there’s definitely something to be said for being organized, sometimes it’s fun to play hooky and work on whatever strikes our fancy – be it starting a new project (or two!), or buying something pretty (and wooly or fabricy!), or even just going for a run into town to meet up with a friend :D Sometimes – we get to PLAY! :)


  2. Kim Sharman

    Happy March to you, Janine. Loving your blue pretty, such a gorgeous shade of blue. Pretty stitch in the yellow woolly. ‘Tis always a good thing to purchase a little more yarn. =)


  3. sigridkatkatkatoen

    Haha, I’m sure March will be an organised month ;-)
    (I believe all creative people are not really organised.)
    Your knitting looks fabulous by the way.
    And the notice board looks very promising!
    Have fun with your new yarn,


  4. MrsCraft

    I like your March motto, I think I need to be organising myself too. February felt like a funny old month. The knitting looks fab, I shall keep an eye out for the big reveal. 😊


  5. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    Thanks for the laugh, dear Janine!! I myself am sitting here with three knitting projects. That’s the problem with knitting, it’s so comforting that you just can’t ignore it. You are also working with some lovely shades of yarn, that doesn’t not help the matter of course :)

    Fabulous knittings and I love your bouquet of flowers!



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