Summer in colour


I am not very good at ‘wandering camera’. In June my Son came to stay with his fiancee, her sister and her sister’s husband. They set off on a walk with Poppy to our nearest village, which is a couple of miles away, and ten minutes later the skies opened in a torrential downpour so I rescued them by car and drove them the rest of the way. I stayed in the car with Poppy whilst they went to look around the church. As usual, I was without my camera so I (lazily) took some photos (above and below) from inside the car with my phone. I love the way the one above came out. It reminds me of a watercolour painting. Unfortunately the ones below just look like phone photos taken from inside a car…

On a sunny day I took a garden picture because I think it will be interesting to look back through a year of Wandering Camera and see the seasons changing month by month.


It’s hydrangea time!

And then I took my camera to Hull for my daughter’s graduation but, foolishly, left it in the hotel. Luckily, I managed to get some nice photos with my husband’s phone. You can see her below with her twin brother and with her friend. Congratulations Dr. Abigail! :)

Finally, I took quite a lot of progress photos of my crochet ripple blanket. I finished it over a week ago but I was not home during a sunny enough time to take any pictures. I will give it its own tada post with stats etc but here are some shots of the finished blanket.


Where has your camera wandered in the last month?

I am linking this post with Soma at Whims and Fancies for her July Wandering Camera Linky Party.

If you haven’t linked up already, please visit Soma to see lots of wonderful pictures and some useful photography tips :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

10 thoughts on “Summer in colour

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  2. Kim Sharman

    The “watercolour” photo is amazing; such a great shot! How wonderful it’s Hydrangea time in your part of the world. I can’t wait till ours begin to make an appearance. Lovely photo of your daughter and son. Congratulations to Dr Abigail. How satisfying it must be to think that all that study and hard work has paid off. Have a lovely time away, Janine.


  3. shasta

    Congratulations on your daughter’s graduation. You have presented some really nice pictures here. The reflection of the building on the water does indeed look like a watercolor, and the picture of your daughter and her friend throwing their caps is very lively.


  4. Carol

    I don’t do well with a wandering camera. I take pics I think are interesting but then I think know one will be interested in seeing it. i think it’s the concept of taking a picture with no explanation of why I thought it was interesting. I’m so nosey! Love that water reflective picture. It’s a keeper for sure. And your idea of taking a garden pic to see how it changes over time is creative and interesting. I’ll be watching your garden change.
    xx, Carol


  5. soma @

    So many lovely photos, Janine! Congratulations Dr. Abigail! She looks really happy.

    The first photo definitely looks like a watercolour painting. I also love the photos you took of the church with your phone camera! Hydrangea is one of my very favourite flowers, yours are gorgeous! Ripple blanket looks beautiful on the flowery field.

    I must say you are doing a great job with wandering camera :)



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