“Oh, to be in England now that April’s there | And whoever wakes in England sees, some morning..”

(Home-thoughts from Abroad, Robert Browning)


On the fourth day of the fourth month, four visitors arrived.


Our hungriest, noisiest neighbour has taken to breakfasting on the ground. [Edited to add: This little bird is a Green Woodpecker. You can learn more about Green Woodpeckers here].



Pretty little wild things that don’t mind the morning frosts have come to dance in the hedgerows.



And sometimes the sky just has to be left to speak for itself.


In The First Day of Spring an unexpected sewing assistant arrived and I experimented with the exposure to make some fake night pictures. This is what they really looked like:

And lastly, but perhaps most important (because this is a Wandering Camera post), I bought a new camera (and crocheted a case for it!). It is a Canon PowerShot and it claims to be good in poor light and to correct handsake so hopefully my blog photos will improve :)


This post is my April offering for the Monthly Wandering Camera linky party invented and hosted by Soma over at Whims and Fancies.

Camera And Photography Linky Party

Be sure to visit her and link up your photos from the past month :)

11 thoughts on ““Oh, to be in England now that April’s there | And whoever wakes in England sees, some morning..”

  1. Lara B.

    Spring looks so lovely in your photos Janine! What kind of bird is your fellow on the lawn? Is it a type of flicker? That beautiful sky photo is awe inspiring. I’m really curious, is it a sunrise or sunset? I am guessing sunrise. We had quite a snowstorm yesterday, but today is has all melted.
    I hope you love your new camera! The bag you crocheted is wonderful!


  2. Sandra

    Lovely photos! Love seeing ‘my’ Canada geese in England. It feels like England here for sure, so damp and misty today. Love seeing your primroses popping up, as would my mum. And the beautiful bird! I think tanager, but flicker as Lara says may be right; it’s gorgeous!


  3. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    What a beautiful post Janine! It was such a delight to scroll through. I loved each element and the quotation. Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera. Looks like you are enjoying your new camera very much :)

    -Soma xx


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