Wool on Sundays – 102 (Happy Easter)

Happy Easter and welcome to another Wool on Sundays :)


This week I haven’t had time to work on any yarn projects, owing to a sudden and unexpected  obsession with paper mache, but a little felt did come to my rescue when my inept wielding of pens and paint threatened to turn my planned makeover of a very ordinary dressmakers dummy into creature with an alarming face that terrified several members of my family.

Later, when I wanted to find a way of adding removable arms and hands, felt, together with some upcycled woollies, again provided a practical solution…

There is, of course a less prosaic explanation for how a human sized hare has come to take up residence in the Makery but, as it has nothing to do with wool or yarn (aside from the little felt mentioned above), that is a story for another post.

[Edited to add: You can now read about that in ‘The First Day of Spring’ (a story)]

I wish you a day of chocolate and a week of yarn!

Janine @Rainbow Hare

10 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 102 (Happy Easter)

  1. Sandra :)

    I’m up for the chocolate … I’ll be playing with yarn in a few days when I buy some for a birthday gift for a friend who crochets, and that bunny mannequin is … quite something! The scale of the bunny head is just right for that mannequin – I can’t stop looking at the photo!


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  3. Pauline

    Your hare made me laugh! I love hares – we are so lucky here in rural Rutland to see them often in the wild. They are so beautiful!

    Happy Easter!


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  4. FVITH

    Hope you had a great Easter. I read the story first, so I wasn’t too freak out by the giant hare :) She looks great. What a cool idea, and now you’ll never be lonely in the Makery


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