Ho, Ho, No!
A month to go

And nothing to show…

 Three of my children have November birthdays – one of them is today – and I used to have a strict rule of not even thinking about Christmas until December. This was partly to protect the specialness of the birthdays (my eldest son has his birthday on 30th December, which is even trickier in that regard) and partly, largely, because I very much dislike all the hype and ever escalating commercial palaver surrounding it. In particular, the way it begins in about September, making the Autumn seem like a mere means to an end!

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE to have a real tree and to fill the house with holly and ivy and decorations and festive fare and family and friends and music and gifts…it’s just that I love to do it from midwinter to twelfth night. 
An exception, of course, has to be made for handmade items and, although I thought I’d let myself off in January and February, I fully intended to join in with Ho, Ho, Ho And On We Sew throughout the year…But old habits die hard. And I’m very bad at keeping gifts. As soon as I finish something for someone, I end up giving it to them for some other occasion or even for no occasion :(
I’ve made some odds and ends. The dogs are finally strung and the dolls now have hangers. 

Click here for a quick HOW TO MAKE for these dolls.

But I haven’t made nearly enough for a stall at a Christmas Market.

This cushion was meant to have friends…

 And I have only just started cutting fabric for a bedsized quilt, which (I’m hoping) will be a gift.

I certainly take my hat off to all those who have been linking up with Fiona all year. I’m going, now, to join the linky party at Rose and Dahlia and, hopefully, I’ll be back next month with that quilt :)

Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

10 thoughts on “HO, HO, NO!

  1. junacreationsuk.blogspot.co.uk

    I also really dislike the commercial aspect of Christmas, plus also having a birthday in December just two weeks before Christmas, I don't do anything Christmassy until after then. Like you though, I'm shocking at keeping presents and like to give them as soon as they're done, otherwise I start looking at them too often and finding things wrong with them.
    I do like your hanging dogs, very cute.


  2. Sandra :)

    My oldest son and I have birthdays in January – fortunately they're late enough in the month that there's no tie-in with Christmas, so that hasn't ever been a problem. I have a SIL and a g-nephew whose birthdays are 2 and 3 days after Christmas – that's a problem, lol. It must be a total pain in the babushka to have a December 25 birthday – yikes! Those dogs are killing me! The little dolls are adorable, but those dogs make me giggle – they're a hoot!


  3. Celtic Thistle

    My son and father both have birthdays in December so we are all under strict instructions that no Christmas decorating is allowed until after their birthdays have passed, but if we had those brilliant dog bunting decorations they might be overruled :)


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