Trunk Full of Quilts

Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies
Have you linked up with Soma at Whims and Fancies for Trunk Full of Quilts?
When Soma mentioned it, my first thought was that I’d love to join in but I don’t really make many quilts. Then, when I found out wall hangings and cushions could be included so long as they are properly quilted and finished, I looked through my old blog photos and I found I’d made more ‘real’ quilts than I’d remembered. I think I may even have a couple missing from the list below. So I decided just to share my quilts that people can actually sleep under!
In no special order:
Sebastian’s Quilt (large bed size)
Ewan’s Quilt (large bed size)
Adrian’s Quilt (large bed size)
Baby Quilt – awaiting a baby!
Ruby Butterflies – sold on etsy
Scrappy Trip-A-Long – sold as a wedding gift
General House Quilt (large bed size)
Baby Quilt – given away on a Sew Mamma Sew day
Cassandra’s Quilt (large bed size)
A Large Lap Quilt, which is now a table cloth (below)
Abigail’s quilt – the first quilt I ever made – about 20 years old now and featured
with the dear, late Mr Sheep of Wool on Sundays badge fame

It’s probably time I made another one…

I hope you enjoyed my ‘Trunk Show’. Now I’m off to link up and visit the other linky party goers :)

Happy Wednesday!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

20 thoughts on “Trunk Full of Quilts

  1. Sandra :)

    Wow that's a nice selection of quilts – you've been busy! My favourite is the Sew Mama Sew giveaway quilt — I looked at the larger picture and I love how you fussy cut that particular print to have the dots kind of “fade away” as they progressed down the quilt – too cool!


  2. Karen H

    Wow – you really have an eye for strong, graphic designs. All of the quilts are beautiful but I really like the first three quilts. They are simple but classic designs. I'll bet Ewan's quilt was a challenge but it was worth the effort. Thanks for the trunk show!


  3. Kim

    And you say “you don't have many quilts”!!! They are all superb, Janine. Love, love, love your General House quilt and I wouldn't mind one bit, sitting at your table, drinking a cuppa whilst admiring that lovely red and white quilt of yours; nor indeed sleeping under Cassandra's quilt….love all those patterns and colours!!


  4. Soma @

    I have to repeat what Kim said – “And you say 'you don't have many quilts'!!!” I remember that Union Jack quilt. I emailed you after seeing that quilt on Flickr. Little I knew that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.

    It was great to see Abigail's quilt and Mr. Sheep. I LOVE your quilts, Janine! They are all so beautiful. I can easily imagine myself cuddling under one with a book and a cup of tea :)

    Thank you!!
    -Soma xx


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