Waiting for the light…

Waiting and waiting…

I have finished a doll for my lovely friend Benta, who blogs over at Slik Stitches. Really, I should post her but I have been hoping, these last few days, to take some photos for my blog, which is to say, I have been waiting for the sun to peep out.
Still waiting…
The radio tells us that this is the warmest November since records began and I don’t doubt it.
The fifth of November was my Grandma’s birthday – Bonfire night, Guy Fawke’s night or what you will – and, when we were children we would always make a guy from old clothes stuffed with newspaper. His face would be a brown paper bag with eyes, nose and mouth drawn carefully on by my mother with a biro or, perhaps a felt tip, and he would take up his place on top of the fire, like an ancient king on his throne, and smiling, smouldering, bursting suddenly into a flash of flames he would fall into ash as we oooooed and aaaaahed at the Jumping Jacks, the Rockets, the Roman Fountains, the Catherine Wheels. And we fumbled through thick mittens to hold tight to our sparklers and hot potatoes and slices of frosted birthday cake. And. of course, we sang:

Remember, remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot!

I see no reason gunpowder and treason
Should ever be forgot! Happy Birthday to YOU
Happy Birthday dear Grandma…

And beyond the hot, too hot, flickering circle of magic lighting the garden around the edges of the fire, the puddles were frozen, the vegetable garden was bare but for parsnips, leeks and some winter greens, the leaves were down and the icy air bit sharply into our fingers and toes. 
November was a Winter month.
Is it really worth waiting?

But, now, the mornings emerge slowly from the nights shrouded in fog. The clouds hang leaden threatening rain or lurk, barely visible, over intermittent torrential downpours. Occasionally, the wind might blow in a dazzle of brightness around about lunchtime. 
But this is England. And this is November. 
Nothing is guaranteed.
Except that by 5.30pm, when you go out to shut your chicken house, it will be pouring with rain and so dark that you won’t be able to see your hand in front of your face.

Perhaps tomorrow…

And every time I turn on my lap top I see posts proclaiming ‘Improve your Blog!’ or ‘Get your Etsy Shop Ready for Christmas!’ – the key to success in every sphere (in case you haven’t heard), perhaps even the secret of immortality itself, is photos. ‘Taking Good photos’, ‘Taking Better Photos’. And the key to that is always light, ‘Natural Light’! 
Well this is our natural light. 
We’re not so very far south of Siberia, you know ;)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

16 thoughts on “Waiting for the light…

  1. FVITH

    I love the photos, in all their English natural light glory. My great grandmother came to Australia from England when she was a child and I'm afraid I have her skin colouring, which I'm sure is perfect for the English sun, but no so great for the Australian sun – which is, strangely, the same sun :) It's hot here at the moment and, thanks to daylight savings, the sun doesn't go down until well after 7pm.

    The doll looks amazing. I love the different poses. Lucky Benta.

    I love the memories you shared, too. I kind of wish they were mine :)


  2. Julierose

    Love love love that doll! It reminds me of my Grand-mere–she made dolls and I learned a lot of my embroidery helping her do the faces…she used yarn for hair–pigtails , bangs and such. Thanks for sharing photos of your English countryside; we were also fogged in this morning by the ocean when we went for our walk….i actually like fog–so quiet and it mutes every scene ….hugs, Julierose


  3. Sandra :)

    It's unseasonably warm here too, in my part of Canada, but I am NOT complaining – I'm quite enjoying it :) We knew it would only last a few days and sure enough, things are cooling down starting tonight – it was a nice bonus while it lasted :)

    Your beautiful doll reminds me of my grandmother – Benta is going to love her!


  4. Celtic Thistle

    Lucky Benta, what a gorgeous doll you have made Janine!
    November hasn't been the usual cold, frosty month here yet either so maybe the Siberian winter we are being predicted will fail to materialise. Fingers crossed :)


  5. Claire Earley

    Thank you Janine for sharing your memories & images of your doll. As always reading your blog has made me smile & forget, for a while, all my troubles.
    I know you are told this often but, you really should write a book, Granny Square could go to meet her friend who doesn't know about the weather here in England or something like that.
    Anyway good luck with your blog & all your creations, I'm sure when Benta finally receives her doll she will be over the moon xxx


  6. Carol- Beads and Birds

    Love love the doll. It's been warm in Northern Indiana USA too. But today it ends. We have rain and hard winds reminding us winter is on the way. You have me going off to an atlas to see how close you really ARE to Siberia!!
    xx, Carol


  7. DeborahGun

    we were remembering Guy Fawkes day yesterday too! Last year we were lucky enough to have a tour of the Houses of Parliament, and the person showing us around told my kids all about Guy Fawkes – they were fascinated! Love the little doll – everything you make is perfection :-)


  8. liniecat

    Well worth waiting for a picky, the doll is delightful!
    We've been lucky so far haven't we, the mild weather temps make up for the grey days and dampness but its meant we have the most glorious leaf colours as a bonus!
    Sods Law of course that it rains when you put the chickens in LOL


  9. Kim

    …..and you do live in England, after all. =) What a glorious photo of your doll sitting by the window waiting for the rain to go and the sun to come out; she is very sweet. Down here in Australia we always called your Guy Fawkes celebration the rather non eventful name of “cracker night”. We Australians are very imaginative!!! =)


  10. Kim

    …..and you do live in England, after all. =) What a glorious photo of your doll sitting by the window waiting for the rain to go and the sun to come out; she is very sweet. Down here in Australia we always called your Guy Fawkes celebration the rather non eventful name of “cracker night”. We Australians are very imaginative!!! =)


  11. Carla

    She is just too cute! Reminds me of myself a bit. I was sitting right up by the window the other day knitting so I could see the dark stitches. I miss the summer already and we are only just into fall.
    It's going to be a looooong winter : (


  12. Soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    I rather like the first photo of the doll! I think the rain outside adds a lot of mood to the picture. I used to hate stormy weather photography, but now I use it as a challenge :)
    It's a beautiful post, Janine! I enjoyed reading about the birthday celebration of your grandmother. You painted a wonderful picture of an English November :)



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