Wool on Sundays – 79 (Another Textured Yoke Cardigan)

Welcome to Wool on Sundays 79! 

After the screen issues, my computer is back. I’ve been telling everyone it is fixed as it now has a new screen but this morning this happened again….

If anyone has any suggestions of what is causing this, please let me know. I’m, today, wondering if I’ve just paid for a new screen for nothing :-(

Technical matters aside, we’ve had some recent knitting weather…

…and, this week, I have completed a project, which has been in progress for a while – a cardigan for my eldest daughter. She is not home to model it this morning so I will update this post when I have a picture of it being worn but you can get an idea of how it’s turned out.

I use the same Garn Studio Pattern as for the yellow cardigan I made in the Spring but this time I happened to print the pattern in landscape, which made the chart bigger, and I realised there were, after all, increases which I hadn’t seen at all last time round… :(


Here are the details of the yarn I used:


Image and yarn used from Wool Warehouse

My daughter is not keen on some wools and I am not keen on acrylic so this reasonably priced, 100% recycled cotton seemed like a good solution. I did have doubts about it whilst I was knitting as it felt harder than I’d hoped and seemed a bit stringy with a tendency to split (which I mostly overcame by using needles with fairly blunt points). Once it was knitted up, however, it felt a bit softer and the cardigan is thick and heavy so it will be warm in the Winter.

I was also very pleased with the texture. It shows up better in real life and the colour is darker than these (inside) photos suggest.

I just made a few minor adjustments with the edgings but otherwise stuck to the pattern.

I usually get bored with making the same thing twice but, for some reason, I love this pattern and I’m tempted to make another one…But outside there is SO much needing to be done that a new knitting project will have to wait a while.

 The world is full of beans…
…and roses…


…and, this morning the first sunflower decided to come out!

…and we have three new chickens but they are still a bit shy :)

If you have any wool or yarn projects, I’d love you to link up with WOOL ON SUNDAYS. The rules as usual are: 1). Posts must include some content – makes or musings or photos – related to knitting, crochet, felting, spinning or yarn. 2). Projects sewn from felt or wool fabric or stitchery using wool are also welcome but please don’t link posts that are exclusively about sewing, quilting and fabrics. 3). Posts don’t have to be from the past week but please put a link to WOOL ON SUNDAYS or grab the button from my sidebar and include
it in or at the bottom of any posts you link up. 4). Visit anyone else who links. Wishing you a happy week :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


7 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 79 (Another Textured Yoke Cardigan)

  1. Summer

    lovely knitting and flowers, love sunflowers. cant say I've seen anything like your screen problem before so cant help you there, only suggestion is a virus of some sort? I sure hope not. can you show it to a comp expert in the shop.


  2. Soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    Two ideas about your screen – a bad connecting cable or a bad video card.

    The garden looks beautiful and a very warm welcome to the new feathery members. My husband and I are very sensitive to wool. Therefore sometimes I have to fall back on acrylic yarn because wool would be too expensive. Looks like the two of you reached a good compromise. The cardigan looks lovely, I also love the texture in that pattern very much.



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