Wool on Sundays – 52 (First socks of the year!)

Welcome to the first Wool on Sundays of 2015!
Do you think you can you have too much yarn?
I have actually long been thinking that Rainbow Hare has too much yarn – or at least too many yarn projects compared with other things and a main reason for that is that yarn projects are so portable and easy to multitask with other aspects everyday life. Another reason is that socks, mittens, sweaters and scarves are more useful and, around here at least (with the exception of me!), more appreciated than cloth dolls, wall hangings and lap quilts. So, despite my resolution to redress the balance of my blog in 2015 and have a sewing start to the year, when I had to go and wait for a tyre to be changed on my car, I quickly printed off a garn studio pattern and snatched up some drops karisma to give me something to do whilst I was waiting…and, almost before I knew it, I’d fallen back into sock making!


I made a few changes to the pattern, as you can see from the pictures and, much to my surprise, Mr RH decided he’d have them to wear about the house so I made a few changes to the sizing as well. Unfortunately, Mr RH is not here today so I’m having to model them myself with some extra pairs of socks underneath!


If you have any yarn projects this week, I’d love you to link up with WOOL ON SUNDAYS. The rules as usual are: 1). Posts must include some content – makes or musings or photos – related to knitting, crochet, felting, spinning or yarn. 2). Projects sewn from felt or wool fabric or stitchery using wool are also welcome but please don’t link posts that are exclusively about sewing, quilting and fabrics. 3). Posts don’t have to be from the past week but please put a link to WOOL ON SUNDAYS or grab the button from my sidebar and include it in or at the bottom of any posts you link up. 4). Visit anyone else who links. Wishing you a happy and creative year :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


20 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 52 (First socks of the year!)

  1. Catherine

    Those socks are so impressive. I'm half way through my first ever sock would you believe. Do you strand the wool across or is that what you call intarsia? Either way a fantastic finish (and no, you can never have too much wool)


  2. Kim

    Oh wow…..those socks are amazing….all that intricate fair isle pattern looks perfect. You are very clever, Janine. You will never get to make other 'stuff' now as everyone will be clamoring for a pair of these.


  3. Willit Neverend

    They look amazing.

    I've been thinking, recently, how best to focus my energy. I've come to the conclusion that I should concentrate my energy on two things: 1) whatever makes me feel best while I am doing it; 2) what is most practical and necessary. It sounds like wool is practical and necessary in your house, and I imagine you find it quite enjoyable to use, too :) So, YAY for wool!


  4. Sandra :)

    Oh those are DELICIOUS socks! I don't think you can have too much fabric (I insist, actually!) and equally, I don't think you can have too much yarn! Besides – both are great for insulation in cold cold weather – and they make a fine focal point in a room, tucked into baskets and other pretty holders ;)


  5. Soma Acharya

    We have a lovely yarn shop close by, but I am avoiding it at the moment for the obvious reason :) These socks are so beautiful!! I am not surprised that Mr. RH wanted the pair :)



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