Wool on Sundays – 33 (a well travelled project)

Welcome to Wool on Sundays – 33. And thank you very much for all the kind comments last week :) I seem to have been calling this my ‘portable project’ forever but, recently, it’s occurred to me that it’s no much ‘portable’ as ‘well travelled’. I rarely venture far from home without it – and rarely do a stitch whilst I’m away…

Mr RH, for some reason, thought the wine box I was carting it about wasn’t a great look so lately it’s been travelling in a colander (thank you google for that spelling!) Mr RH hasn’t expressed an opinion about that, in case you’re wondering. Every few weeks I finish a sea star and show a sneak peak but it really hasn’t been progressing very much.

It is, however, approaching a wearable size, so I’ve decided I MUST get this finished up before I start any more yarn projects and I’ve started filling in the gaps with circles. I imagined them as sea pennies but they turn themselves into octagons and, I think/hope the effect is as nice as circles would have been. The octagons are also quick to make so, fingers crossed, they won’t take too long and then I’ll just have to find a way to edge it…

Are you working on (or carrying about) any yarn projects this week? If you are, I’d love you to link up with WOOL ON SUNDAYS. The rules as usual are:
1). Posts must include some content – makes or musings – related to knitting, crochet, felting, spinning or yarn.
2). Projects sewn from felt or wool fabric or stitchery using wool are also welcome but please don’t link posts that are exclusively about sewing, quilting and fabrics.
3). Posts don’t have to be from the past week but please put a link to WOOL ON SUNDAYS or grab the button from my sidebar and include it in or at the bottom of any posts you link up.
4). Visit anyone else who links.

Wishing you a happy week :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


10 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 33 (a well travelled project)

  1. Martha

    I love the colors!
    I tend to carry my knitting projects too. My husband has gotten so used to it that he now reminds me when we are leaving the house :)


  2. Soma Acharya

    Not sure what's worse, wine box or colander! LOL!! I have a couple of those well travelled projects too. I definitely remember to knit when we are driving into San Francisco because drivers around there are a little creative with how they interpret road rules. Knitting keeps my sanity while my husband drives. Your sea stars are looking beautiful with the octagons, Janine! The colours are looking so pretty together.



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