A Family Photo

Here is Knit (you may have met him at the weekend in this post) with Granny Square. Granny Square thought it looked such a lovely day that it would be nice to go outside for a family photo.

Purl is sitting nicely…
…but Knit is fooling around.
He did come and sit still in the end though.
(A human’s eye view).
Then it was time to get back into the box and come indoors.
I made these using my Basic Jointed Scaleable cloth Doll Pattern (and finally listed it in my Etsy shop). Knit is 8 1/2″, Purl is 9″ and Granny Square is 10″. Still in progress I have the half size versions (for the caravan dolls house) and apart from these, my WIP is looking the same as last week. I’m hoping to begin a series (on 21st June) with some stories for small children and toys and games to make for them based around these characters…hopefully I’ll make more progress this week :)

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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20 thoughts on “A Family Photo

  1. Sandra :)

    I'm sure Knit only sat still for about 12 seconds – that's usually about how long those “active” ones can last in a sitting position, I've found. Just wait – Purl will probably go through a similar stage – I bet she'll even … do cartwheels while wearing a dress!! Granny Square certainly has her hands full with those 2 :D


  2. Soma Acharya

    I LOVE them so much!!! Love the names, the clothes, the characters, everything!!! How do you ever make those tiny little knitted clothes?!! The photos are fantastic too! I am looking forward to the series :)



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