A finish of sorts…

The bad news is that my Friday Finish this week is only a lining :(

Who knew what a palava this pattern making would turn out to be. I started the week feeling confident that the Vintage Caravan Sewing Machine Cover pattern test and tute wouldn’t take too long. It’s a simple design and the original cover only took an afternoon after all. My son, who kindly drew it up from my sketches and dimensions, sent me a pdf which fitted everything onto A4 sheets and all seemed well, save for a few minor amendments. As I couldn’t edit the pdf, I printed on white labels and added details to the various sheets in the manner of an old fashioned paste up artist and that took a while longer than I would have anticipated but when I scanned them to my lap top it all looked quite professional. I decided to make the lining first because the remainder of the cover is essentially the same as the lining with embellishment so in many ways the lining is the pattern test but when I started cutting the lining fabric and writing up the tute things started not to add up. Eventually I realised the inch scale actually measured about 7/8 inch…I checked the original, unamended version and the scale on that is right so I can only assume that the scanner automatically scales to fit preset margins.

The good news is that, using the original pdf, I have finally made the lining and everything has fitted together perfectly so now I just need to find time to sew up the rest and send the amendments to my son to edit the pattern and, hopefully, everything will turn out ok…I think in future I’ll make hand drawn patterns of small items :)

I hope you’ve had a more productive week than I have!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

13 thoughts on “A finish of sorts…

  1. Sandra :)

    Janine making tutorials (especially ones involving pdf format) is a HUGE job – do NOT kick yourself for it taking longer than you expected! I tried writing a tute once and gave up because it was taking way longer than I thought it would. And the photography – holy smokes, majorly time-consuming! On the other hand – you got the lining done and got work done on the tute – YAY – consider that a job well done! I didn't get nearly as much done this week as I wanted to, but I had finished up Easter gifts and got everything sent or delivered WELL in advance of the actual day, so I'm not beating myself up about not getting extra stuff done. I did get a pretty drawstring bag done today (maybe 30 minutes work) – I'm considering today a success!


  2. A Quilter's Mission

    Janine…it sounds to me like you got a LOT accomplished this week. It takes lots of little steps to get to the BIG finish! I'd love to have someone help me pdf some patterns. You're lucky to have your son to help.


  3. Celtic Thistle

    Have been wrestling with the scanner rescaling images recently too, very frustrating! Sounds like your son is a very handy person to have around, send him my way when you are finished :)


  4. Kim

    It seems to me that you have done a sterling job in regards to your PDF pattern and tute!! It will be smooth sailing from hereon!! I agree with Celtic Thistle…..oh for a son who is savvy with all things computer!!


  5. Martha

    Writing a pattern or a tutorial takes to much time. Good luck! I hop you get to finish it soon.
    My week has been kind of slow too. I'm hoping next week will be more productive.


  6. Soma Acharya

    Writing even the simplest tutorial always takes me a very long time, and you are writing a pattern along with a tutorial! Definitely include working on your tutorial as a Friday finish. I would :)



  7. Angie

    Thank you for doing the pattern. It's a lot of work I'm sure. You are lucky to have your son's help. I'm so looking forward to the pattern. It's Adorable!


  8. Susan at TheBoredZombie.com

    It's really not an easy thing to do. I've been working on one FORever. I can't seem to get it all done. I much prefer the informal tone of a blog post. Seems to give a lot more freedom. Alas – I'll determined to do it this way. Maybe we'll finish at the same time. :)


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