Birthday Bear Paw

A Friday finish! And technically a quilt in that it has three layers – the top, iron on interfacing (which, btw, I don’t recommend and won’t be trying again!) and a back – held together by rows of stitching. I started on these blocks a long time ago when Lucy and I decided to make Bear Paw quilts. And I really planned a whole bed sized quilt in cool colours. But my LQS was, for some reason, unable to ever repeat the white fabric I used so the blocks languished until the other day when Mister RH requested I make a cloth for a certain coffee table.

I probably should have sought out a very thin wadding but, since I was in a hurry (I have to snatch any opportunity I can to sew lately) and it was his birthday on Wednesday, I decided to use the interfacing which I happened to have already. It basically refused to iron on at all during the basting stage but changed it’s mind once everything was sewn together creating wrinkles just at the point when I should have been home safe and dry. Fortunately I manage to wiggle the layers apart and I think it’s turned out ok in the end but it’s not an experiment I’ll be repeating.

Have you got any quilty finishes this week?
Happy sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

28 thoughts on “Birthday Bear Paw

  1. Createology

    Your Bear Paw Quilt looks lovely. Congratulations on finishing it which is always such a good feeling. Creative Stitching Bliss…
    Thank you and I hope the rain arrives here.


  2. Lorna McMahon

    This is a very sweet quilted cover. I love the colours you used for the bear paws And the one for the middle squares. Sorry to hear you had so much trouble with the interfacing! What a pain, but you soldiered through it and it looks beautiful! Your hubby has the same b-day as me!


  3. Kim

    Don't you hate it when the 'stuff' that one uses when making a quilt won't play nicely!! Though, problems aside this is really a lovely quilt. The colours are gorgeous and your choice of fabrics is perfect!! It will look a treat on the coffee table!!


  4. Soma Acharya

    I have been wanting to make a bear paw quilt since you and Lucy mentioned it. Yours looks beautiful and l love the colors so much. Looks like you managed to iron out the problems. Now I know not to try interfacing instead of wadding.

    -Soma x


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