I was planning to get back on track with my Making Christmas list and make about a dozen pouches and I thought I’d start with a remnant of Bee in My Bonnet fabric and some metal zips because I thought they would combine to give a nice retro effect…but I haven’t made a huge amount of progress…

I do have one finish, though. You can see more details here.

So my WIP this week stands at:
Finished – 2
Started – 4
No Progress – everything else!

How are your Christmas makes coming along?
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

15 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Julie

    Pretty fabrics for your pouch. That quilt is gorgeous. Christmas makes – just about done – I've made drawstring bags, a zippy pouch and knitted two scarves. Just need to do baking and pickling for the two Dads now.


  2. Sandra :)

    Oh my goodness that Midwinter quilt is just gorgeous – is it a Christmas gift? WOW!

    Nice fabrics for the zippy! I have a few pictures pinned of bags made with metal zippers – they have a (fancier?) more substantial look than the plastic ones that I usually use – I like them :)

    I have Christmas projects done already but have been working on finishing off some Halloween goodies (finger puppets) – when I get the puppets done I can concentrate more on Christmas :D Last night I changed around my gift list so I could use fabric from stash instead of having to go out and buy special prints for the Christmas aprons I want to make – this way I can get them done sooner :) I'm also going to pick some Christmas finger puppet patterns (free tutorials or $$ patterns) and make a list of felt colours I need to pick up – the felt is on sale at my local fabric store for 40% off so I'd like to get it sooner rather than later!


  3. Vera

    Sweet pouch! I had to make some spooky projects first and I'm not sure when I get back to my list since there are some other with deadlines even closer than Christmas. Love your quilt.


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