Wonderful WIP!

These aren’t the greatest pictures of this quilt top – pegged to the front of the stable and ridiculously buffeted at every moment by the wind – but this arrived in the mail today and I wanted to share it right away.

Last year I sent out this humble block (above). It’s been Around the Bend and Across the Pond, visiting the extremely talented ladies of Free Two Bee and my ugly duckling has flown back a swan!

I will make a post another day detailing who did what but, for now, here are some close ups of my newest and most wonderful WIP.

(click on this one to read it – it’s very funny!)


A thousand thank yous to everyone who had a hand in this:
 Jan, aka stampqnjlr

 Kerry, aka pennydogaccessories
 Dena, aka denawayne
 Thea, aka TheaM1
 Brittany, aka RabidChipmunks
 Elizabeth, aka Runs w/ Scissors


Other WIP this week:
Singing Sunflowers Jewellery Roll – finished
Red and White cushion – finished
Bear Paw Blocks – worked on

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

17 thoughts on “Wonderful WIP!

  1. Scrapatches

    This is one of the most wonderful row along quilts that I have seen. This must have been such a treasure to receive. Congrats to your sewing sisters on a job well done … :) Pat


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