Design Wall Weekend

Do you have a design wall?

If I had one this pincushion is my most recent project that I would have pinned to it. I planned to add some sheep but once I’d made a world less that 3″ in diameter and a house less 1″ tall the scale became too daunting!

After I had made the back door, I realised the ‘hill’ was ridiculously steep so I thought I’d better make a ladder…
This pincushion, btw, was inspired by the TV Advertisement (below) for British Gas.
But getting back the question of a design wall, Christina is having a Design Wall Weekends linky party. I thought it would be fun to join in but, although I’ve thought about making one several times, I’ve never managed to find enough wall space in my house for a design wall go. So I hung up a sort of improv design wall on a piece of wire that we have, for some reason or other, nailed across the wall of an old stable.
On the left is the part-made background for a sampler quilt. I’m about half way through slicing and stitching the squares and my plan is to applique pieced square blocks onto the coloured diamond shapes and circular blocks onto the Kona Pepper. My idea with this was to have the effect of a theatre with a coloured curtain and balls floating in the blacked out stage space. I’m thinking if I really had this up on a design wall I’d have made more progress with it, rather than putting it in a cupboard and letting it languish. I also think that once I start on the sampler blocks it would be really helpful to have it up so I can plan colours and block arrangements.

To the right is this part-made bee block for Fiona

…and this little geometric block which I’m hoping to make into something for Le Challenge with Lucy and Nat

What do you have on your design wall this weekend or, if you don’t have one, what would you have on it?

Jen has a great tutorial for a design wall, which looks quite practical and which uses pvc pipe, which I know we have some spare lengths of so I think I might have a go at putting one together…

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

13 thoughts on “Design Wall Weekend

  1. Cindy Sharp

    I love your little pin cushion. It reminds me of “The Little Prince”

    As to design wall…you have to have a wall first! I haven't figured one out yet, so I use paper and pencil more often than actual fabric when I am playing with ideas.


  2. maria

    I use our bed as a design wall and I'll need to move the quilt top I've been piecing today before we can go to bed tonight . I'd love a proper design wall.


  3. Laura

    My design wall is just some fleece fabric stuck on the wall with some thumbtacks. Nothing fancy, but it works! Plus fleece is usually 60″ wide, and on sale most of the time, so it's an inexpensive thing to make.


  4. Karen

    I love your pincushion so much :). I do have a design wall and use it often! I have one 4' x 8' section hung on the wall in my sewing area which works perfectly. You can even make portable design walls…or I have seen batting rolled up like an old time movie screen too…roll it up when you are done!


  5. Benta AtSLIKstitches

    The pin cushion is amazing, and just right as one of the gas worlds, and the cottage for Fiona is fab too. I don't have a design wall – all my walls seem to be full of shelves! Nicky did suggest hanging wadding in front of a shelf, but so far I've managed with a “design bed” !!


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