Do You Heart Samplers?

I hope you’re all having a lovely Valentines day!

This week I did something very random – not so much random per se but random for me.

Back in the days when I had little children and hadn’t discovered quilting, I used to think cross stitch was the ultimate portable sewing project and I used to love samplers. Mostly, I made them as gifts but here a few stray ones that happen to still be around the house.
birth samplers
This black work band sampler is one one favourites

So you could be forgiven for thinking that, once I got bitten by the quilting bug I would LOVE making sampler quilts. But, with the exception of Glorious Applique and a vague plan to make a picture/alphabet quilt one day, my enthusiasm for making a collection of different blocks and sewing them together is zero. I see wonderful blocks that I genuinely think look fab on everyone’s blogs and I’m very tempted by skill builder series and BOMs but I think ‘What would I do with them? – twelve cushions?’

So, how random is this? I suddenly fell completely in love with this book…
…and even though it’s written in Japanese and even though I could have bought about four yards of fabric, I tracked it down and ordered it…
So now I’m somewhat shell-shocked and nervously waiting to see when it comes (if it comes) whether my whole quilting future is set to soar off in a new direction or whether I’ve just made a terrible mistake and wasted a lot of money I can’t afford.
How random has your week been?
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

13 thoughts on “Do You Heart Samplers?

  1. Karen

    I too am a former cross stitcher and have a couple of larger pieces framed. I didn't get so into samplers but yours are so beautiful!

    I too want that book – can't wait to see what you make :)


  2. Books_Bound

    I like samplers! I think it's because although I love modern fabrics (very much!) I am sort of a traditionalist when it comes to block and quilt designs (wonky doesn't usually appeal to me–I like symmetry, I guess!) So though I've only made one sampler quilt so far, I don't mind them. Lots to look at, I figure. :)


  3. Patti

    Not much cross stitch in my past, and I'm so impressed that you jumped right in there Janine! I can hardly wait to see what you create! I'm a lot more interested in portable projects since I started my first EPP!


  4. Cindy Sharp

    I too have a past in the murky wood of counted cross stitch. It was fun. I enjoyed learning new stitches. But eventually I got bord.

    I haven't yet met a quilt sampler that I was really excited about. Although, I am about to start work on one of my own design. “Oops” will start in June. Come join us.


  5. P.

    I totally get your love of samplers, stitched and/or sewn. For me, it's the variety that appeals. No mind-numbing repetition of the same block over and over (not that it can't be fun, but sometimes it does get a bit boring IMO). I've still got a couple of samplers framed in my sewing room. The last one about killed me because my eyes were changing and close work was harder. The second quilt I ever made was a sampler. It was a skill builder/learn to quilt kind of thing, and I love it! I've been thinking about a drunkard's path sampler with a limited number of samples (4 or 5). Mostly because I can't decide on one block to make a whole quilt from. Enjoy your new book!


  6. Soma Acharya

    I used to cross stitch a lot before. Yours are beautiful! I feel the same way about sampler quilts as you do. That book looks beautiful though and I am sure you will enjoy making at least some of the designs from it.

    Here's to randomness :)


  7. Nicky

    Love X stitch samplers and don't as a rule love quilt ones! Got that book and it has very cute blocks in it! Do want to make a sampler quilt like the Green Tea and Sweet Beans one – just got to think it out!


  8. Nicky

    Love X stitch samplers and don't as a rule love quilt ones! Got that book and it has very cute blocks in it! Do want to make a sampler quilt like the Green Tea and Sweet Beans one – just got to think it out!


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