Flying the flag for basting spray!

This week I’ve been working on trying to perfect a simple cloth doll pattern…

…and a request quilt.

This quilt is a late birthday present for one of my son’s (I have three sons and two daughters) and he chose it because he wanted a big flag for rugby matches. This is 74″ x 94″. I made it from Klona cotton and bound it with the same royal blue as I used in the flag. I have quilted it in white in straight lines 1″ apart.

I pieced it by trial and error and the angles were a nightmare! They nearly drove me insane!

But at the quilting stage I used basting spray and I was really happy with it. I first tried basting spray a couple of weeks ago on a mini and I was unsure about how it would hold out on a bed sized quilt but it was fab! I’m definitely a complete convert. I shall never pin again :)

Have you tried something new this week?

25 thoughts on “Flying the flag for basting spray!

  1. Deborah

    What a spectacular quilt! It is a beauty. I'm interested in watching your doll progress. With a girl grand baby on the way, I'm looking for a good pattern.


  2. Nicky

    Great patriotic quilt – will come in useful for the Olympic Games too!

    Not tried spray basting! Too old fashioned I know – I mean I only recently moved over to pins!


  3. Irene

    What a beautiful quilt! Congratulations for your perseverance in trial and error … what matters is that you got it.
    I have not tried yet basting spray, but I think I will, my knees will be very grateful …


  4. Jodi B.

    The quilt is terrific, but I can't get over how great it looks on the couch, with the little pillows. We done. Way to conquer those angles.
    Thanks for the spray baste comment. I have only used spray baste for small projects. I will follow your lead on bigger quilts.


  5. Amanda

    Looks great. Just in time for the Olympics too.
    I recently tried machine quilting, I'm a hand quilter. I have wondered about spray basting, but was afraid it would gunk up my needle somehow. But yeah, the idea of not pinning is really really appealing.


  6. AlyceB

    That is one awesome quilt!! I'm yet to try basting spray, but I definitely do want to. I don't mind pin basting, but I do mind how the top and back can move anyway!


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