Pernilla’s Parrots

Yesterday I finally finished piecing the top of my Happy Star/Pernilla’s Parrots picnic rug quilt and I tried to take a picture – but the wind had other ideas!

I don’t know why it looks so giant, compared to Lucy here – it’s 65 inches square. Is that big enough or should I be adding another border?

I eventually managed to peg it to a hedge…

But even that didn’t last long!

What have you finished this week?


12 thoughts on “Pernilla’s Parrots

  1. Lynne

    Waht a lovely, bright quilt.

    I also like your blog description – I, too, quilt, knit, crochet, embroider, dye and live: in colour of course!! (BTW, I came in from TGIFF where I have a finish-of-sorts)


  2. Rebecca Lynne

    Janine I have been missing out on all this awesome-ness lately. I LOVE the solid work you have been doing lately…and Pernilla's is awesome. I absolutely adore Tina Givens and yet sometimes I don't know what to do with her fantastic prints. This showcasing one square in the center was such a great idea. Love the pink!!!

    xo Becca


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