Stars and Unicorns

Lucy mentioned, the other day, that she had chosen ‘challenge’ as her word of the year. I didn’t choose ‘challenge’ but it seems to have chosen me!

all together
two usable elephants without balloons

Today I’ve been trying to do some-thing with the Pernilla’s Journey. Before I bought it, I had it in mind to make a quilt in three panels with stars on grey backgrounds. But the prints are so big there are very few motif repeats on a FQ and the colourways don’t seem to me to co-ordinate very well! Whilst I love most of these prints, individually, I’ve been finding it a struggle to work out how to bring them all together.


I’ve tried googling for quilts made in this line to see what other people have done with it but google images are almost all of single pieces of fabric so perhaps I’m not the only one finding it tricky.
Lucy suggested Swoon blocks as they’re big, giving space to show off fussy cuts in the middle, and I could mix in some solids.  I was very tempted. But, for some reason, I’m very set on making something with stars….

So I decided I must think BIG! And maybe not worry about making a quilt but do a few blocks and see where it goes. And here’s where it’s gone so far…



These are just cut out and laid on a background of Kona Pepper but I think they have potential, although I’m going to have get another FQ of each to finish these. 

I’m tempted to get a bit more and just go for a unicorn star quilt with these and use the rest of Pernilla for something else. Maybe the stained glass QAL…

Any suggestions welcome :)

I never did decide on a word for the whole year, btw, but as a phrase for January I thought I’d go with ‘outside the box’. Do you have a word or theme for 2012?

8 thoughts on “Stars and Unicorns

  1. mammafairy

    I can see why you were tempted into getting the Pernilla's journey. I can also see why you are struggling a bit. It is lovely, and the way you are using those unicorns in the stars is lovely. I am sure it will resolve itself when you need it to!
    very rich and lovely fabric, but perhaps some of them need to be more than a fat quarter.

    Possibly cushions rather than quilt?


  2. Sue

    WOW! Those are marvellous. The black in the background really makes them pop! I think my word for the year is 'aveago. It is the year for crafting fearlessly!


  3. Katie

    I love the look of those stars! I am stuck on what I'm going to do with one of my half yards. I only bought two different prints and one of them is the elephants with balloons. I using the brown and white on orange print in a project for a friend.

    Outside the box is a good theme for the year. I think mine is going to be growth.


  4. Sana Saroti

    Hey Janine, I think the fabric looks cool and with those stars you seem to be on the right track to get the most out of the prints. The stars make it look like a kaleidoscope. Can you maybe safe more of the fabric by cutting triangles?


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