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Today I’m linking up with Making Rebecca Lynne for Thursday Think Tank

Although I haven’t had a lot of time for sewing lately, my new favourite hobby is thinking about what I’m going to sew when I do have time. Lots of this thinking involves designing quilts with amazingly complex piecing and fabulous fmq which would not only take a LOT of time but would be way, way beyond my skill level and patience and would need a huge stock of fabrics and threads!
So, more realistically, I have been thinking I need to be optimising my time and resources by running up some small projects using materials I already have.

Whilst I don’t have a huge stash of quilting fabrics and UFOs, I do have quite a collection of  various dress making and furnishing weight fabrics and lots of never completed cross stitch and embroidery projects and I have been considering whether I could find a way to incorporate some of these into projects for my Making  Christmas list.

I think this red and white pattern is quite festive and I wonder if I could make it into a stuffed heart shape as an ornament for my partner in Susan’s Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap
And perhaps I could use some of these in pouches or cushions…


I have also been thinking about these two remnants…


Belle Rose Birds Butterflys Tulip Michael Miller Fabric


Belle Rose Birds Butterflys Tulip Michael Miller Fabric

I don’t think I’ll ever make anything out of these because I can’t bear to cut them up but I love the scrap book style mix of different elements and I’m thinking, perhaps I could combine a variety of embroidered pieces/prints/fmq/applique to make some collage-type pieces and use them in things like cushions and bags…

Happy Sewing! to everyone and Happy thinking about sewing :)

8 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Benta At SLIKstitches

    The fabrics would be great as bags. I've made a few based on Pink Penguin's lunch bag, but scaled up to handbag size, I LOVE the drawstring cover over the contents of the bag. (I can't add the link via the iPad, but have it if you want it)


  2. Lucy @ Charm About You

    I adore that red and white! SO pretty and I agree festive :) Your embroidery is amazing – that cow is making me smile!! I'd love to get into embroidery and winter seems like the perfect time! All those long night, I might just have to have a go in the new year :)


  3. Katie

    I love the red and white embroidery! I'm the same way as far as thinking about projects when I have no time to actually do them. I carry a sketchbook with me everywhere so I can jot down my ideas. So many of them are beyond my skill level right now, but at least they give me a goal to work towards!


  4. Isisjem

    I have some of that Michael Miller fabric too and I've been using mine for Giant hexies that show case the best parts of the print and then the offcuts in smaller pieced giant hexies.


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