Wool on Sundays – 142 (A Butterscotch Cardigan)


Welcome to Wool on Sundays!

When I changed Wool on Sundays to a monthly event, rather than weekly, I thought I would blog about other things in between but, it seems, I just blog less often. I began this cardigan a while ago because I had some wool left over from a pair of gloves! I was looking for something textured and I chose this pattern because I thought it would be more interesting to knit than something with a lot of stocking stitch but after an initial burst of enthusiasm I got very bored of it and made two shawls, three pairs of socks…then I resolved I would do no other knitting until it was finished and powered through the pain barrier.


The pattern I used was ‘Holkham’ by Sarah Hatton, which you can find here on Ravelry andI used Aire Valley DK in Butterscotch, which is produced by the West Yorkshire Spinners. I do love this yarn and I’m very happy with this cardigan now it’s finished.


It’s very warm, so although I thought I’d be setting it aside until the Autumn it’s just right for our current cold snap, and I always think a yellow cardigan goes with everything!


For Summer yarnwork, I’ve decided to stash bust (I’m sure we all know how that will end!) and make a crochet Granny Stripe blanket. It’s going to be a lot smaller than the Ripple Blanket (which is really too big but it’s my favourite ever make and I can’t imagine life without it). I’ve made a start and, hopefully, I’ll get a decent way into it by by next month’s Wool on Sundays :)


Do you have yarn plans for the Summer, or Winter if you are on the other side of the world? Or are you in the middle of something? Or in the middle of lots of things?

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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Someone beginning with ‘R’…

IMG_1545 3

This week we’ve had a surprising guest. A tiny little bird who bounced up and down all day long on the hydrangea outside the kitchen. We thought he was a baby and we were concerned that he couldn’t fly because he just went back and fourth from the twigs to the window sill. We kept Fiona in the house and hoped his mother would come for him.

On the second morning, Mr RH announced he had called him Rob.

On the third morning he was nowhere to be seen and we sadly assumed he hadn’t survived the night :(

But when I came in Mr RH said Fiona had been staring through the window at Ronald. “Ronald?” I asked, “Do you mean Mr Smartie?” (Mr Smartie is the cat from across the road, who, on occasion, disagrees with Fiona about who owns our garden).

“No, Ronald“, he said.

So, it turned out the little bird could fly after all and could come and go at will. And come and go he does. Every now and then I see him bobbing about and every now and then I hear Mr RH call out, “Reg is back!”

IMG_1544 2

After some discussion with my parents, we discovered he is not a baby at all but an adult Goldcrest (the UK’s smallest bird) – possibly an adult female Goldcrest…”Ah, Regina!” concluded Mr RH or perhaps Roberta or Rowena…

Should you be interested, you can discover better pictures and some interesting facts about Goldcrests (though not the personal names of individuals) below.

Inside the Makery Country Birds  have also been a theme. This time, I have been knitting with West Yorkshire Spinners Signiture 4ply in Owl. Having concluded that self striping yarn really needs to be knitted in the round, I wanted to make a cowl in owl – mainly because I like how that rhymes!


And the colouring worked out quite evenly.


But the pattern really didn’t show up well so I frogged and knitted a pair of socks instead. I, foolishly, gifted the socks on the promise of receiving a photo from Son #1, who merrily walked away in them. Perhaps I will show them to you one day.


I the meantime, I have a kitchen full of vegetable and flower seeds growing out of control and, after a beautifully mild month, frost is now forecast, maybe snow!

I hope you have a lovely week, whatever the weather :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare