August – Wandering Camera


Have you linked up with Soma’s Wandering Camera linky party this month? My camera is not usually very good at wandering – most months it gets about as far as the garden – but during August it has been out and about to the point that I’m in danger of never finishing a post! So, today, I’m going to share some pictures of our recent holiday and the chaos of the garden can have a separate post. I’m afraid this post has rather too many photos so I’ve bunched them up into mosaics and I’ll try not to talk about them too much! If you click on the photos, you can see them individually and larger.


The block of photos below includes a miscellaneous selection of views around the centre of Shrewsbury. Shrewsbury is the county town of Shropshire, England. It is on the River Severn and 9 miles east of Wales. It is the most stunning example of a largely un-ruined medieval town I’ve ever seen. Whilst many towns and villages have the odd 15th/16th century timber framed building, in Shrewsbury they just go on and on one after another along the narrow cobbled streets. Can you see the way the building in the bottom left photo is leaning! You will probably know of the Battle of Shrewsbury (1403) as the battle between Prince Hal and Hotspur in Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part 1 but the town has a very long and illustrious history and you can discover more about it here.

The next two mosaics show Southport – a Victorian seaside town in North West England, on the Irish Sea and about 16 miles from Liverpool. You can learn more about Southport here. The first mosaic shows views of a beautifully preserved Victorian Arcade. If you search ‘Lord Street, Southport’ on google images, you can see iron and glass canopies in a similar styles run along the entire street of shop fronts.

And the next mosaic shows some views taken near the pier. The bottom photo shows Blackpool in the distance, taken from Southport.


Then, moving on, to Liverpool, some pictures of the famous Liver Birds

…some window cleaners?…


…and the docks (more info here)…

And a walk around Hesketh Park (I’m not sure what the bird is)…

…and, finally, onto the Botanic Gardens.

I’m linking this post with the September edition of Wandering Camera at Whims and Fancies.

Happy September!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare