Wool on Sundays – 133 (Horrific!)


“That is horrific! It’s the worst Christmas jumper I’ve ever seen!” – such was the agreeable and supportive response of a certain person to my my most recent finish.

So, when I say Welcome to Wool on Sundays and thank you for visiting, you can be sure I really am very appreciative of my good blog friends :)

rainbowhareAnd, of course, Fiona, who always appreciates a new piece of knitting.


This jumper was an unexpected finish – really an unexpected make. We are still going back and fourth to visit my MIL in hospital, who I’m glad to say is very, very much better, and when I finished the socks and gloves last week I was in need of a new in-car project. I used some  Drops Big Fabel, which I bought about a year ago. It is Aran weight and I was amazed at how quickly it grew compared to the dk and 4ply I’ve been knitting with lately. Then, midweek, I was stricken with  a bug. I am very glad to have recovered from it but it did give me a couple of days at home to knit :) I used the (free) top down Petunia pattern from Garn Studio. The colour way in the actual pattern is, I think, nicer but I wanted to make something with the yarn I already had and I was more than usually keen not to run out because it has been discontinued. It has turned out to be a bit brighter than I had in mind but I wouldn’t describe it as horrific! And I think it’ll be ok year round…

In case you’ve wondered what an evening photo taken in a mirror with a flash looks like, I can show you!


So this will have to join the queue for a proper picture behind the handless gloves and footless socks :)

I hope everyone who celebrated had a good thanksgiving and wish you a happy week!

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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