Another day, another old curtain…


…another Dottie Angel Frock!

This is my third, now, and the material is a heavier cotton than the last two so it’s a bit stiff but I hope it will soften up with washing and wearing.


I really do love the pockets :) The pattern I used (with a couple of adjustments) was – Simplicity 1080. I think the blue dress will always be my favourite but I can’t wear that one every day and, all in all, for £6 in a charity shop (meaning the money will go to the charity), I think it was money well spent! I even have fabric left over for cushions or, perhaps a shopping bag…

Version 2

On the same day, I also had another lucky find. I had actually ventured into town in search of something to use as a cradle for a very special doll. Our nearest town mostly comprises charity shops, hairdressers and Estate Agents so I was hoping for a preloved basket or, perhaps, some kind of box that could be covered with fabric or papier mache but what I ended up finding was this…

…a wooden cradle that someone had made and that had been marked down to half price (and a fraction of the cost of a flimsy plastic new version). Fiona agreed that it had potential but Poppy was too busy running round the pond to take much interest. It made me smile to see in the photo that she goes so fast she actually blurs!


I think a coat of chalk paint has already brightened it up and I will share more of this project in another post.


Wishing you lucky, thrifty finds :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

Old Curtain | New Frock


It’s been a long time since I did a sewing post (mostly because the light has been so grim I’ve been putting off taking photos) but last week I made a dress and now I am finally posting I can’t think of anything much to say about it except once it was one of a pair of secondhand curtains from someone on ebay…

…and now it’s a dress!


Here are some details.

And this is the pattern I used, with a couple of adjustments – Simplicity 1080.

Version 2

I do think it’s a most lovely, cheerful, just-what-we-need-in-the-drab-days-of-February-fabric sort of dress :D

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


Wool on Sundays – 135 (Almost Wooless)


Welcome to Wool on Sundays and thank you to everyone who stopped by last week. I was very happy to have a link up from a moose knitting a scarf :D

rainbowhareHave you been knitting or crocheting this week?

My week has been almost wooless. I did start another pair of gloves but today was the day when we bought a Christmas tree and covered it with just about every decoration we’ve ever owned (I will show you another day) and in the ensuing chaos I didn’t get round to taking a photo. I was just thinking that I had nothing whatsoever to show when I remembered I was wearing the gloves I made for Mr RH a couple of weeks ago in a photo of a dress I made last week and didn’t have time to blog about. If you look carefully, you can just about see them! I’m quite pleased with dress. I made it from a remnant of middle weight cotton fabric that I bought for £6 because the selvedge was faded. I used the Dottie Angel frock pattern (making facings for the neck instead of all the binding). I just about scraped it out of the fabric with virtually nothing to spare and, unfortunately, I didn’t have enough left for pockets or any other fabric the same weight.  It came together very quickly and easily though so I’ll certainly make another one of these one day and I’ll have pockets next time.


I hope you are having a happy December and are not too much rushed off your feet!

If you have any wool/yarn posts to share, I’d love you to link up. The rules, as usual, are: 1). Posts must include some content – makes or musings or photos – related to knitting, crochet, felting, spinning or yarn. 2). Projects sewn from felt or wool fabric or stitchery using wool are also welcome but please don’t link posts that are exclusively about sewing, quilting and fabrics. 3). Posts don’t have to be from the past week but please put a link to WOOL ON SUNDAYS or grab the button from my sidebar and include it in or at the bottom of any posts you link up. 4). MOST IMPORTANT visit anyone else who links. 

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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