On Sunday I said I had settled on my ‘word for the year’.

And the word I have settled on isn’t actually ‘Adventure’ but ‘Paper!’

Perhaps, though, I shall try to keep ‘Adventure’ for the spirit of the year.

I know ‘Paper’ might sound rather dull and mundane – a bit passé in this digital age – and it doesn’t quite have the ring of an inspirational quote but, in a bid to be more purposeful with my making and blogging (which isn’t always easy when your internet connection is tenuous at best), I have decided to set up a simple but comprehensive paper system to keep me on track.

It begins with a Leuchtturm notebook, which I chose as a Christmas gift. It is roughly A4 (Letter) sized. It had a closure band, two ribbon markers, a contents page, numbered pages and a storage wallet inside the back cover. My aspiration (I use the word advisedly) is to follow the system invented by Rhyder Carroll and described at: bulletjournal.com but with the focus mainly on making and blogging. I can, for example, write down patterns here rather than on random scraps of paper, keep designs for quilts and suchlike together and note ideas for future projects that I don’t currently have time for…Perhaps when someone’s birthday come along I won’t suddenly remember I was going to make them a hat or a cushion or, heaven forbid, a quilt!

But what about Alice?

I’m sorry to say that Alice has rather fallen by the wayside. I think it is a beautiful little book and I love the illustrations but I found the layout wasn’t ideal in that it gives more space than I need sometimes and not enough at other times and I found the pages a bit small. But my real issue was the ghosting (writing showing through the pages). It drove me mad. I felt I was ruining that lovely book with every word I wrote :(

So is the Leuchttum better?

Alas no :(

Before selecting it I did LOTS of research and found all sorts of bloggers recommending it but I made a pen test page using the same pens as they had and every SINGLE pen I tried FAILED! Even a pencil failed. I could have cried, not least because it was very expensive.

But I can’t keep pouring good journals after bad so I have resolved that this will not be a work of art – it will be a work horse. A rough and ready go-to, which I will value for its usefulness alone and, if I do ever manage to fill it up, next time I will use a sketch book or somesuch.


And I think it could be useful. I especially like the numbered pages as anything can go anywhere and can be easily found in the Contents.

I don’t need it for work or general household information (I’m relatively organised in my non-making life) so I’m thinking this will be more like a ship’s log…

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 13.28.30

To get started, I’ve made a future log/year planner + a monthly planner for January + a list of tasks/events/birthdays etc. I’ve also made a key to keep control of the information. Never again will I need to search for a calendar to see what date the next ‘Wool on Sundays’ will fall on. At the moment, I’m not planning to make weekly or daily logs but if I ever want change my mind that won’t be a problem.

And I’ve made a page of Blog ideas, a page for Granny Square (who, sadly, has long languished) and a page for The Unexpected Alphabet (to track which letters are done and note/design for any other letters that come to mind.

Finally, I’ve labelled pages for Knitting, Sewing, Crochet etc where I can note the start and end dates of projects and anything else about them that I might want to keep for future reference.

Mostly I don’t choose words of the year or I soon forget them but, at the moment, albeit still wearing my rose-tinted-new-year-glasses, I am thinking that ‘Paper’ has a lot of potential and a spirit of adventure never did anyone any harm :)


Janine @ Rainbow Hare