February Furtling

As a lover of words, I was very happy to learn, last month, of a word that is not only new to me but rhymes with turtle…The word is ‘Furtle’ and ‘Furtling’ means ‘having a rummage, a delve, a look at the contents of something’ (Helen’s definition). So I have furtled around to see what I have been doing this month and now I’m going to furtle around the blogs of anyone else who links up over at Archie the Wonder Dog!

I have caught up with the TAST stitching (above) – this really is just doodling and learning some new stitches for fun.

I began knitting a baby cardigan but ran out of wool…

I made a quilt for the next Endeavourers Challenge. This is just a peek because the Reveal Day is not until May 1st and, although it seems ridiculously early to have it finished, I thought I’d just make it and, if I have a better idea nearer the time, I can make another one!

And, last but not least, I made a doll called Ellen. You can read her story in my post ‘Ellen and the Star Dog‘.

Lately, I have received several comments from noreply bloggers. If you have a blog and leave a comment on any of my posts, unless you are quite certain that your comment will link back to your blog, please leave a link to your blog with your comment so I can visit you.

Happy Furtling!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

I am linking this blog with Helen at Archie the Wonder Dog for February’s Furtling.

Archie The Wonder Dog

A Needle Cushion

A Needle Cushion

Always and forever, against all advice both off and online, I have kept my needles in my pincushions. I have made needle cases and been gifted needle cases and, really, I think needle cases are a great idea. From time to time, I’ve even resolved to use them. But always I revert back because it’s just so much quicker and easier to pop a needle into or pull a needle out of a pincushion. And, contrary to all the cautions I’ve heard, they don’t disappear or cause injury or who knows what else. Sometimes, though, they can be hard to see well amongst the pins so, I decided to make a shallow cushion especially for needles. I basically filled a tin lid with toy stuffing and covered it with fabric, as shown in the progress picture below.

I used a scrap of the curtain fabric left over from my Dottie Angel dress and the Makery chair.

And I still have a few scraps left…

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


A little progress with the WIP this week.

Two more Jewellery rolls finished and ready to wrap up.

And I’ve caught up the Colour My World Challenge, hosted by M-R at Quilt Matters.

The orange sun is an experiment in needle sculpting a face – not amazing but an interesting exercise…and the grey dresden must be the dreariest thing I’ve made this year! I thought I couldn’t go wrong with a dresden but apparently I could. I think it really needed more variation in tone. Maybe one day I’ll find a use for it.
And, lastly, I’ve done something a bit more interesting with  part of a dresden…
…but, hopefully, that’s going to revealed as a Friday Finish!
What have you been sewing this week?
Janine @ Rainbow Hare