Wool on Sundays – 146 (Growing Slowly)


Welcome to October’s Wool on Sunday! I don’t have any nice new yarn finishes to share so I thought I’d start this post with a photo of one of my trusty knitting companions – Poppy of the beautiful ears!


The dubious green cardigan has grown but, despite my claims in my last Wool on Sundays post, it has not been a September finish.


I have been trying to cram all my working info into the edge of a lace chart (I won’t decode because it’s not the greatest system!) but now I’ve got it all onto one needle it should become more portable and pick up speed.


Meanwhile, I did have a prettier finish this month.

Truth to tell, I have been sorely tempted to embark on more new and pretty projects but I am resolved to do nothing whatsoever else with yarn until the green cardigan is finished. Do you get tempted to start new things halfway through a project?

On a cheerier note, we have lots of apples :)


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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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A Finish of Flowers


In my post Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers, I was pondering what to do with the blocks I had made crocheting along with my friend Sharm from Country Fragrance. I liked the suggestion of a cushion cover but I’ve also been thinking it might be nice to make a crochet sampler throw so I decided to leave off the outer borders, sew them together and just do a simple edging.


For now, it is being a doll blanket but I can easily turn it into a cushion or use it as a block in a bigger piece another time.

Thank you very much, Sharm, for the lovely pattern for these blocks and Happy Sunday to everyone :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

Flowers, flowers and more flowers…


Now the evenings are drawing in I’m finding a little more time for knitting and, being at heart a one project person, I’m keen to finish a cardigan I started early in the Summer. But when my friend, Sharm, started making a beautiful flower blanket I really wanted to crochet along so I’ve been making a few blocks. You can find the pattern for these blocks on her blog, Country Fragrance. I think this is a lovely block pattern although I’m not planning another bed-sized crochet blanket for a while so I’m not quite sure how many more I’ll make or what I’ll make them into.


The real festival of flower here, though, is in the garden and I have pretty much abandoned them, now, to dance into Autumn in their disorderly chaos of colour.


Our garden is really more than a one person job and it has been a solitary, endless and mostly thankless task this year but the flowers (and vegetables) do make me smile and I secretly feel that, in a way, I have been a victim of my own success! To sound like a real gardener, however, I know the correct phrase is: “We’ve been lucky with the weather this year” ;)

I’m hoping the flowers will keep dancing on for another month or two and that then, towards the end of October, Jack Frost will come one night and clear it all away, leaving me with a clean slate to start again next year. That is what I call being ‘lucky with the weather’ and that is when, if I’m lucky myself, I’ll find more time to crochet again :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare