Belle Rose Dresden Quilt


This post is more a photo finish than a sewing finish but, I do feel that every quilt deserves it’s own blog post! A long time ago I had a small amount of Michael Miller Belle Rose from the French Journal Collection – about a fat quarter, I think. I loved that fabric so much I wanted to use every last inch so I made a Dresden Cushion (blogged here and here).

Son # 1 really liked it so I bought some yardage of the fabric and started making a quilt with the intention of gifting it to him and his fiancee the Christmas before last.


I basically made the quilt and dresdens separately and I then hand sewed the dresdens onto the quilt. It is a kingsize quilt and, with hindsight, that was a ridiculous way of going about it! I abandoned it for nearly a year and eventually got it finished just in time for last Christmas.


I added some musical fabric as detail (machine sewn) but as this quilt is so very massive and as the weather was so very dark and gloomy and wet I was never able to take any photos and I never got around around to blogging about it.


And every time Son # 1 and his finacee visited us or we visited them either it was raining or the quilt was forgotten until last week when, to my surprise, the quilt came home for a few days and they even took it into the garden and took these photos for me. I should probably have ironed it…


…but I’m very happy it has made it onto my blog at last, wrinkles and all :)

Meanwhile, Fiona has adopted a bear…


…or perhaps the bear has adopted Fiona…

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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Trunk Full of Quilts

Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies
Have you linked up with Soma at Whims and Fancies for Trunk Full of Quilts?
When Soma mentioned it, my first thought was that I’d love to join in but I don’t really make many quilts. Then, when I found out wall hangings and cushions could be included so long as they are properly quilted and finished, I looked through my old blog photos and I found I’d made more ‘real’ quilts than I’d remembered. I think I may even have a couple missing from the list below. So I decided just to share my quilts that people can actually sleep under!
In no special order:
Sebastian’s Quilt (large bed size)


Ewan’s Quilt (large bed size)


Adrian’s Quilt (large bed size)


Baby Quilt – awaiting a baby!


Ruby Butterflies – sold on etsy


Scrappy Trip-A-Long – sold as a wedding gift


General House Quilt (large bed size)
Baby Quilt – given away on a Sew Mamma Sew day
Cassandra’s Quilt (large bed size)
A Large Lap Quilt, which is now a table cloth (below)
Abigail’s quilt – the first quilt I ever made – about 20 years old now and featured
with the dear, late Mr Sheep of Wool on Sundays badge fame

It’s probably time I made another one…

I hope you enjoyed my ‘Trunk Show’. Now I’m off to link up and visit the other linky party goers :)

Happy Wednesday!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

Keep Calm and Break Things…

I’d hate for you to think that I’m one those irritating people who comes along citing silly proverbs about breaking eggs when they know quite well you had no intention of making an omelette…

But this is a post in praise of the breaking of things. I don’t know about you but I find breaking things extremely difficult. I can sometimes trick myself into it under the guise of ‘altering’ or ‘upcycling’ or in some way giving a new lease of life to things that are basically beyond repair…I can unravel yarn projects because I know that just gets back to square one but I can barely snip into fabric for fear of wasting or ruining it and the idea of of deliberately cutting up or breaking apart something that is perfectly good and has nothing much wrong with it fills me with horror!

But it’s never too late to change and I’ve made a start! Once upon a time I had two quilts – you may have seen them here and here
And now I have a festive winter tablecloth. It now measures 96″ x 60″ (so it’s actually a better size for a bed quilt than either of the others if we get fed up of it in the kitchen) and an edge of the one that used to be on the sofa and got very faded has been cut off leaving me with enough spare to make a new ironing board cover and some pot holders.
I also have a quilty Friday Finish in the first time in months and the small cloth people are fully dressed in their winter clothes and ready for a midwinter story, though whether I can manage that by midwinter is another question.
Happy Sewing Sewing and Happy Holidays!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare