A Map Quilt and Other Recent Makes

Today was our second Endeavourers quarterly reveal day of 2023 and the theme, this time, was ‘Maps’.

For this challenge, I wanted to make a map as a fictional location for some 12th scale models that I have perpetually in progress.

As one of the models is a lighthouse, although that isn’t included in the map, I needed a suitably coastal location so I looked for pictures of the sort of place I had in mind and then searched for a corresponding map. 

I eventually based this very roughly on a vintage Town Plan, Sea and Coast Chart of Coverack in Cornwall, England. It is a very beautiful location and well worth a quick google search to see some photos. 

I tried a new-to-me fused applique collage technique and added machine and hand sewing and permanent marker. It was interesting to try some new things and a miracle to get it done at all but disappointing that the end result doesn’t look a bit better and, one day, I’d like to attempt a more polished version.

Usually, I struggle to think of something to make but this time I had an idea from the start and, ironically,  I had all sorts of trials (including not having a sewing machine for a couple of months, a house full of plaster dust, a christening cake, a nasty virus and some commissioned bags) so it became a very last minute rush despite my early planning and is unfortunately, very rough and ready. 

I hope you will visit The Endeavourers to see the wonderful quilts everyone else has made this quarter :)

The other things I have made this quarter are a toddler jumper (made when I thought had plenty of time!)…

The Christening cake (blogged in March)…

And these little bags…

I used this Tutorial and customised with the bride and groom’s names, the postcode and date of the wedding, which, coincidentally was also my birthday!

I hope my next quarter will be more productive :)

In the meantime, I’m very happy to be linking this post with Mini Archie’s April Furtle Around The Blogosphere because it’s an age since I’ve had anything to link up. Please visit Archie the Wonder Dog for some fantastic socks from Helen and to see what everyone has been making.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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3 thoughts on “A Map Quilt and Other Recent Makes

  1. Dawn Kelly

    Your map is lovely and I enjoy the look of it very much! Well done on all your makes. What a fabulous start to Spring!


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